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  1. Mods are joyfully available (and my ass will probably get banned for that).

  2. This literally sums up this last week so very well

  3. GOD ALMIGHTY! Would somebody give her a scrunchy? I sometimes think God didn't give Jill the sense he'd give a mule. Sorry Mr. Mule. And while I have you, what's the difference between a mule and a burro. And an ass? Thank you.

  4. A mule has one parent that's horse and one parent thats a donkey. It's supposed to make a good combo but some mules are little bitches (i say lovingly) 😂😂

  5. A massive gas station/convenience store that started in Texas. It's become a popular tourist stop (and for locals too 👀).

  6. I stopped at the one in Florence SC, on my way to/from central FL after my dad passed and it was so overwhelming with the "WELCOME TO BUC-EE'S!!!!!" and the lighting turned up to 11, but i'll be damned if I didn't walk out with the best road trip comfort snacks. Their jalepeno chips are now on auto-ship to me from a friend in Texas lol


  8. I don’t like him. I feel like he’s behind all these ridiculous ideas to make money because he would rather play professional student than get a regular 8-5 job.


  10. Oh wow, yeah his hair doesn't look quite so nike 😂

  11. What's J'Blockhead and Jana giving the baby?

  12. They were in her fridge

  13. Nope, Daxxy is her three year old who is only allowed to have Paw Patrol as a personality trait it seems

  14. This says they were at Jill and Derick’s house, so it doesn’t really negate what Amy said.

  15. Jill was still neck deep in the kool-aid when this posted. I don't think she would have gone against JB's wishes in regards to her younger siblings like this.

  16. So they were allowed to watch Veggie Tales. Man, she probably knows so much good shit about them, why start making shit up now?!

  17. Another user made a good point. They flip flop a lot. He could have been against it and then changed. However, it's a worthless fact now since there's evidence that contradicts. All it shows is that Amy knew Jim Bob a long time ago and that it doesn't reflect him now, most likely.

  18. Gosh, is Famy related to the Duggars? I had no idea. I just thought she was famous on her own merit. She never mentions them at all. Clearly she doesn’t want to be associated with them…🙄🙄🙄🙄

  19. I want to comment that Jill had the kids watching VeggieTales in 2014 but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  20. What do you mean? She doesn't dress her kids appropriately for the weather? Do you have a video on it?

  21. Jessa put socks and plastic sacks on her baby's hands so she could play in the snow because "it rarely snows here so we don't have anything" despite Joy's kids having full winter gear and the fact it snows at least once a year in AR and it gets very cold numerous times over the winter.

  22. He should have fallen in the orchestra pit

  23. Wasn't she crying because Pest was unfaithful?

  24. I feel like you’re slowly running outta ideas lol…

  25. It's a dry season of life.

  26. Yep. She's not "free" from anything. She exchanged one cult for another.

  27. But she can wear shorts 👍👍

  28. That was years ago I think

  29. Wtf kind of fever dream am I in?! Is this satire?!! Did she really post this????! I need the videos

  30. I hope they can because I couldn't make sense of it

  31. Maybe Kaylee would get extra brownie points if she's having twins

  32. The 1611 KJV as opposed to one of the numerous other KJV 🙄

  33. The audio quality is so bad that for a second I thought my head phones had turned off and this was playing for everyone in the gym to hear

  34. Oh that might have been my bad on audio quality 😬

  35. Do you think she has some demo version of a recorder app and can only do one minute? Or is she just an idiot tied to her "minute" thing? Or both?


  37. I think it's because Derick challenged them after Sam was born, not necessarily because of how she's chosen to live a sea salt life compared to their regular salt life.

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