Cadbury’s should be banished from the shop shelves until they bring back the old recipe. We do not like the chocolate flavour,palm oil sodden candle wax that masquerades as Cadbury’s.

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  1. Great link. For OP, the short version is that someone who is "fluent" is generally considered to speak/read/write the language sufficiently well that they can converse freely with any native speaker. They may have an accent but they don't have any grammar/vocabulary/speed issues.

  2. There are entire regions across the English speaking world where people were born and bred speaking English, and other regions which would struggle to understand them.

  3. It's the start of a trend. Leave a fake turd on your windowsill as well, and see if you can get others on your road to join in.

  4. Just put some large decorative shells out as well. They'll know what's up.

  5. Yeah. Hire it done. He issue. sick( not) , his son left for 4 months, and on son's return, didn't fix it. So. No sympathy from me. Lymphomas are now a chronic condition, as well as long term remission. This has ben going on for 5 or 6 months. The photo shows grounds that harbor vermin. Noone wants this in their neighborhood. It is a health department iasue.

  6. I'd love to find out as well I'm in Oslo and just finished 10 days in quarantine. Love to see it.

  7. No, but you need to be careful. They've been at war with Canada for decades now.

  8. My WiFi hotspot is "See sign for password". I turn it on in busy pubs 😂

  9. I once was at a book signing, so I set about seeing if there was free wifi whilst I waited in the queue. Someone had set theirs to "Shout Willy For Password".

  10. Ah yes thehe old saying from your military instructor, "now pay attention I'm only going to do this once"

  11. Don't you dare try to protect yourself from us attacking you, out we'll attack you!

  12. I disagree. Andrew is clever enough and slimy enough to have made sure he has no assets or fiscal interest in the USA that would be seizable. The Royal Family may have assets there that may be true but an order to seize those would be unconstitutional as it would indicate or apportion blame to the wider Royal Family. Whatever your views on monarchy its hard to find a way to make them accountable for his actions, done behind closed doors in Ghislaine Maxwells London flat (allegedly although in my opinion definitely) decades ago. He's hardly likely to have gone back to the palace and told mummy which vulnerable teen he just porked just as her Maj is unlikely to have watched from the cupboard, But this is also a reason the Royal Family are severing ties to him like a diseased limb, just in case they get dragged in legally.

  13. Yeah good point half of your country (Republican) side don't seem to believe in the constitution anyway and would be a banned designated hate group in the UK instead of a political party. In the UK we're messed up and our leaders are marching towards authoritarian but you guys are mega messed up, you have my sympathy.

  14. I should probably make clear that I'm not American but I have lived there for a little while.

  15. Chances are fuck all will happen. There is rarely any sort of ongoing enforcement of those rules even if anyone even tries to do so in the first place.

  16. Known alcoholic, makes bizarre speeches about Peppa Pig and car noises at conferences, can't follow his own rules. Who's to blame?

  17. One of my colleagues introduced me to Wordle a couple of weeks ago - a great way to take a break for a couple of minutes away from the job.

  18. It’s hard to keep track - it really does feel at this stage it’s more about when (if) Johnson did follow the rules.

  19. They have one of those shit virtual assistants now. They're easy enough to break and get through to a real person though.

  20. I wouldn't let my kid play football, and I played as a kid. There are other great sports with aggressiveness which don't have the same risks

  21. National Trust walking posts are normally colour coded for different directions and trails. I've not been to Devil's Dyke to be able to confirm, but this is rather unusual.

  22. I'm sorry but when there are bigger things happening in the world I do not care about this. There are way too many serious things happening then whatever the fuck this is. Very little to do with me and a whole lot more to do with other people and communities that could use this attention.

  23. Whether or not the rules are really necessary, and if they are if they apply to everyone equally.

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