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Man Being Arrested Saves Arresting Officer's Life

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  1. Yes but loans can be tricky. If your employer terminates the retirement plan or you leave employment, the loan comes due and if you aren’t able to pay it off it can be a taxable distribution, with penalties if you are under the age of 59.5.

  2. Why would your home loan be due because you quit your job? You’d be paying the money from the retirement plan up front. How does this effect the rest of the loan through the bank?

  3. It’s not a mortgage. It’s a loan against your 401k account. The IRS has specific rules on how 401k loans are administered and it must be paid back through payroll deductions. Which you can’t do if you aren’t employed.

  4. Thank you for the explanation, I recently learned this was even a thing so I was a bit confused how it all worked.

  5. I on the other hand was never spanked as also turned out respectful to my parents.. could it be spanking has nothing to do with this? Or maybe I respect my parents for the security they gave me while they “respect” their parents out of fear? Hmm

  6. My SIL tries to bake by cutting the unhealthy stuff like this, no sugar, little butter, then is shocked it doesn't turn out well

  7. Butter isn’t unhealthy. Can we stop thinking fat is horrible please

  8. Not all fats are unhealthy, but butter is unhealthy compared to other fats. One tablespoon of butter contains 7 grams of saturated fat, or around 35% of your recommended daily intake. In comparison, one tablespoon of olive oil contains around 2 grams of saturated fat, and one tablespoon of lard contains around 5 grams of saturated fat. One of the healthiest fats is canola oil, which contains around 1 gram of saturated fat per tablespoon. Consumption of excessive amounts of saturated fat is linked to heart disease.

  9. You’re getting transfats and saturated fats mixed up. Transfats are the ones you want to avoid in excess. But my whole point is fat itself is not unhealthy and that includes butter.

  10. Thank you I’ll definitely consider more blush. Do you have a brand you recommend? Currently I’m just using a shade from my eye shadow palette which doesn’t last long.

  11. I use lip stick.. it works really well and last all day for me

  12. Personal preference: blend the lip more, a deeper blush for your complexion and either a darker shadow on the outer corner or a small wing to highlight your gorgeous eye shape. And uhm what is your skincare because your texture is incredible!!

  13. Follicles don’t grow my dear. You’re thinking of the length of an individuals growth cycle.

  14. Idk why stating a fact is being downvoted.

  15. Half didn’t want to hear it and half were trigger by the “my dear” 😅 silly

  16. Apartments where I live are like this too. It’s so annoying when you find a better one for so little a month. Personally I’d say spend the little extra for the two bed if you can comfortably afford it. In my experience the more space you have the longer you’ll feel comfortable (we tend to fill the empty space we have)

  17. Simple, you ignore her. I have a neighbors like this and anytime she speaks to me I look at her and then continue what I’m doing. I don’t have the time or energy for it. But on a personal level what a B... I hope she wakes up with a leaky roof!

  18. Unfortunately I’ve seen a lot of people choke working in the medial field but none have ever been this theatrical.

  19. What’s up with the downvote brigade for not liking this makeup?

  20. For doing her stage makeup correctly? Right

  21. She told me to call my lawyer instead. She said that because I brought him in for treatment, and because accidents happen, that if she called CPS, it would be on both of us. But because I sought the appropriate treatment, I hadn't done anything wrong and therefore she wouldn't want to call.

  22. That’s just wrong.. and that dr is horrible for not reporting it.. clearly you did nothing wrong but shame on them for doing literally nothing.. it’s their job to call cps and saying you’d be thrown into the mix bc you’re the one that brought him in is ignorant and incorrect.

  23. Enjoy your date then try to start the conversation in a way that shows your open minded and looking to talk about it not fight. But it needs to be talked about or you stay mad and he doesn’t know how to help you. If it really is so bad to the point he just shuts down or gets angry regardless then he should get some therapy because you should at least be able to talk about him making dinner vs cleaning.

  24. Go enjoy your trip with someone that will appreciate it. It can be hard to not see your kids but he shouldn’t make you cancel your trip because he got sick. Honestly sounds like you dodge a bullet ending things with him, kids or not he sounds like he sucks.

  25. I think her essence leans more to gaminish than ingenue

  26. I felt like it was ingenue first then gamine but I’m just starting to learn more about the types.

  27. I told my family we’re doing giving or receiving. They seemed a bit bummed but understand. It was the only nice way I could think of for saying “please stop wasting your money on crap I do not need and gives me anxiety having in my home, thank you”

  28. Hire someone to help you get full custody. It seems like you have enough evidence that you would win easily but you don’t want to do that process alone on top of being pregnancy and a divorce I’m glad you’re getting away from your abusive relationship. I hope things go smoothly for you and your child, no one should be forced into that decision, especially by someone with such horrible, ignorant thinking.

  29. My daughter has this too. Her ped said it’s a stork bite. If your child gets hot or upset it can become darker in color. Her ped said the only time to worry is if it start to become purple line a bruise or it’s spreading across her body and not going away.

  30. Short & “messy” styled like the tip left. You can do whatever with your facial hair just don’t only grow out a mustache please..

  31. The lighter color is perfect. I think the roots are too dark or not blended enough but the color is really pretty with your skin.

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