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  1. Usually, this means the entire port should be replaced. Since it is soldered on you will probably need to enlist the help of a shop that offers this kind of repair.

  2. Do you know what kind of shops might be able to do this repair? I tried asking a computer fixing business and they said they couldn’t, and I don’t have an accurate enough of a wire sodder to do that unfortunately

  3. I have the same problem with my GF65 thin. Did your local shop get to the bottom of it in the end?

  4. ive looked into it myself and it looks like one of the hinges on the charging port had cracked/broke clean, very flimsy and thin. having the same issues and to fix it you need to replace the port itself which annoyingly, to do yourself you have to unsodder the old stuff and resodder on new material on the 3 points its locked into. really sucks but im looking for a better solution

  5. Picked up a bloody lvl 120 saber that was mid-fight with a wild Rex once. Dropped it in my taming ten, then grabbed a wild phiomia and dropped it in the pen too. The saber immediately killed it, and after eating it, I waited a fewmin to tranq it...I checked after it was unconscious..100% health.

  6. PC but I’m playing through the Xbox client

  7. Oh ok. I'm on ps4. I was gonna invite you to our discord.

  8. are servers cross compatiple? or specific to console?

  9. Bro legit getting looped like it's dead by daylight or something

  10. Oh crap I didnt know u can make customs where everyone is a bot. (only a joke but u guys seriously move like bots in this clip)

  11. I was typing while fighting so might of looked a bit like a bot lol but this trundle had a mental fart figuring out how terrain works

  12. Before I took a break from the game, my current 7 Days to Die-esque zombies (they are more aggressive but cannot infect you) playthrough, it's just under 2500 kills.

  13. Infection can be annoying but I love it, not bad though!

  14. I had just started playing, and I played on some of the easiest settings. Needless to say, around 4000 after a year of surviving before I bit the dust when a crawler got a lucky bite from behind me.

  15. Crawlers are pretty hard to hit the hit box atleast for me is weird

  16. For me at least, you always had to go into the rear 2 seats to cause it to teleport you to the separate 'inside' area, before which it will prompt you with a menu saying 'enter?'

  17. I was in the rear back seats at some point but never got the prompt, I’ll have to test it out again though thanks for the info!

  18. If the truck is on turn it off and it might work it has atleast for me

  19. I’m not even sure how honestly by yeah it was annoying lol

  20. considering they only can be destroyed with a sledgehammer by the player, im assuming they have infinite hp like a normal wall would

  21. thank god but good to know lol, im a bit new so still trying to figure the little things out

  22. Hmm I have it but mine looks very different (full jungle) also I cannot remove the damn grass at all. Makes farming a nightmare.

  23. When you enable the mod there is I think 4 different versions, I did the low vegetation with none indoors but the others add much more

  24. Can you remove it though? As a player I mean

  25. Yeah just right click and remove vegetation should be an option

  26. wow they shoot at you as well? Did not expect that.

  27. Yeah they do I figured it out the hard way lol only last like 10-15 seconds

  28. “ Shark's (and Peach's) Military Uniform Improvements”

  29. Would brita clash with this mod? It looks pretty good though, and is brita kinda a negative mod for armor/guns? I’ve heard a lot of negative comments about it *side note I’ve had the game for a month I’m somewhat new

  30. I wrote a patch that fixes a few lingering issues / friendly API to eris' NVG, which Shark's stuff now uses as a requirement. Also compatible with Brita's stuff.

  31. sweet yeah im using it as of now i really like it honestly so far and no issues that i can see, i found some nv goggles but i think only certain varients of it function

  32. For looks of the map for 10 years later yes, and it was a wrecked car so overall the condition was low

  33. Vanilla Firearm Expension, just 9more guns, one caliber and somes attachmentsLegit the same settings than base game you barely feel the difference

  34. I wanted more military type guns due to me having a few military base mods, and I didn’t even know you could tweak drop rates in the settings I’ll try to find a video on it

  35. Some mods include Settings, if i remember with Brita you can tweak Silencer efficiency, each category of weapons drop rate, same for ammo, etc

  36. I didn’t see any modifiers in the settings for britta sadly but good to know!

  37. One Molotov + One Lighter and a solid cardio workout.

  38. I used a Molotov once and I lit 2 buildings on fire, spooky

  39. I just tried this with some friends today, one of them suggested I go up into the tower and shoot zombies because apparently they wouldn't be able to pathfind up to the tower, I was sceptical but decided to trust them and it turns out they were fucking wrong. I still don't understand how I survived that but there were so many zombies that my fps went into the single digits.

  40. Rule number 1 is make an escape route haha, but yeah I don’t deal with zombie hordes unless I have somewhere to run for the hills or fall for the “trust me” plans

  41. Is there a mod to make it visible? I use them from hydro craft but you can’t actually see it

  42. I don’t think it’s hydro craft. I think it might be a mod called zyrocarts? Don’t quote me on the name but it’s something with a Z and carts

  43. I’ll poke around and see what I find, I appreciate it!

  44. Anyone know where i can find a subreddit with more stuff like this?

  45. Definitely could use you to fill with cum and have a flesh light to fuck

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