I cannot stand my child and I hate being a parent.

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  1. Hey, remember to have compassion— for your brother, but also for yourself. Only you know where that “line” is.

  2. Children are reflections of their parents. This is a truth. Children also need to be taught, and taught well and with love. You wouldn’t expect a plant to grow well without proper soil, lighting, and temperature conditions; the plant might live, but it will not thrive.

  3. And then left the chat after realising you can only develop AIDS from a HIV infection

  4. The evidence isn’t as clear as you’d imagine.

  5. I’m with you though-with what actual evidence other than anecdotes? I could say that my cousin was the Purple People Eater and actually eats people. With what evidence can you disprove what I said? You can’t with anything other than anecdotal. It’s the internet and anyone can say what they want & lie about whatever they want. I was raised to believe only half of what I see and next to nothing with what I’m told unless they can prove it with legitimate evidence (not just he said he works here and xxXxxx that’s not evidence.

  6. Except— we’re seeing it play out real-time.

  7. The system will crumble soon— that is inevitable.

  8. All vaccines are bad. Some do good, but also do bad.

  9. Would you become one again if you had the choice?

  10. I need to know what you do. Message me?

  11. You resort to insults because you have no argument.

  12. Sure - think this through logically - were beginning to get reports of T Cell infection issues - part of the adaptive immune system - if each reinfection causes more damage in this realm, the immune system wont be able to handle this. At first, for very many people, it will be extremely mild. Almost laughable. Much less than a virus or cold.

  13. This has much less to do with an actual virus than you realize.

  14. wrong. 1500 shitty religions out their. you thinking your made up useless sack of shit god is better then the others just shows how naive and stupid you are

  15. It’s a shame you’re so angry and full of hate.

  16. You’re wrong. And you’re ruining your life because of this. Don’t be wrong. Your life will get better. You will be better.

  17. How the hell should I know? Typing is cool, but it’s not the end all be all. Please, may we stop trying to label ourselves and each other and recognize that we’re all unique individuals?

  18. You can worry about a multitude of issues simultaneously. It’s easier to just call people what they wish and move on

  19. I appreciate the kind words I wish I can but I have four days to submit my vaccination status :( four days to say I’m fully vaccinated when I am not… and this hinges on my employment ugh

  20. Call their bluff. In the meantime, look for a new job.

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