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  1. The pacing in that film is already kinda whacked, I don't understand why it needs to be 3 hours

  2. Yeah , the main issue was the first hour, pacing gets better afterwards imo

  3. I too thought of a 2 hr runtime for Deadpool and blade but do u think it would work?

  4. Great...and how is the game so far? Was dark bramble and Giants deep scary? How were u able to conquer the fear?

  5. Giants deep wasn’t as bad as I thought (but I still get subnautica ptsd) and dark bramble is fine now that I heard

  6. For me, IDC even care about the Anglerfish being blind, theyr so creepy to look at 😂

  7. I've been reading this guy on Above the Line

  8. I used to read his articles too but since you have to pay to read Forbes articles I stopped reading them. Maybe he left because of how shitty Forbes has become.

  9. People aren’t going to fork out good money just to watch a mediocre blockbuster.

  10. Jurassic world dominion would like to have a word with you

  11. The action was: All of the Eternals use the same light colored beams against bland CGI mess deviants. The visuals were great, absolutely, and I could tell they had a real eye for the camera - before Marvel applied the grey filter they’ve been putting over everything.

  12. What was makkari vs ikaris setpiece?

  13. Hasn’t had his chance to shine as Barry yet, ZSJL gave me a good impression that he will do a great job. Just hope all his trouble recently won’t ruin what we’re so close to getting

  14. Ig it already has ruined it

  15. I been thinking why there are not much games based on marvel characters? Got lots of potential

  16. Lol. They did Iron Man which is Marvel. It would be rude to do a DC movie 🤣🤣

  17. Yeah i know that, u thought you were referring to the first Iron Man

  18. I don't think it will do $700 million either, not when there is that little indie flick coming out in December.

  19. I assumed the joke is that it's Avatar 2 but maybe I'm out of the loop?

  20. Ha, tbh i didn't get the joke

  21. The point is that critics are hypocritical when it comes to judging MCU projects vs. most (not all) of the DCEU movies. If both universes are bad, then the critics should at least try to be consistent in how they judge their respective projects (whether it’s a movie or a show).

  22. Well the suicide squad and the Batman got positive reviews, but same can't be said about Joker or Birds of Prey

  23. Which is funny, because I thought 2021 Suicide Squad was trash (but James Gunn is an RT darling, so…), The Batman was a total bore, and BoP was shit.

  24. There's no such thing as an RT darling. Just because all these movies are bad to u doesn't mean those movies are bad, or didn't deserve the positvie reviews or those RT scores. Then again, no issues with ur opinion

  25. Idk why the water in GTA 3 used to scare me a lot

  26. Lets hope this means Netflix sees the uncertain future for Witcher and decide to renew Sandman.

  27. Cool idea...atleast the guys who do The Sandman cares about the source material

  28. It’s weird they’re announcing this now.

  29. Same goes for resident evil as well, they don't have any idea about what the fans want

  30. Rewards every ten ranks, plus an exclusive cardback at rank 100 (infinite)

  31. Oh really? I didn't know that. Thanks .. and can u elaborate the cardback?

  32. It's a symbiote card back for your decks. Click on your rank on the main screen (at the bottom right) to see the rewards

  33. How is the sequel to Jana Gana Mana?

  34. The dude at the bottom is right; the majority of A24 films have an artistic value that even a competently made film like The Batman couldn’t beat

  35. Man, i agree with ur points , but don't just simply predict the age of the person from a single message.

  36. Everybody wants to be my enemy..

  37. Everybody wants to be enemy

  38. Not for me. I like characters, I like something to happen on the screen with someone doing it. Wide shots of CGI Landscape and water won't do it for me. Hope it won't be this way.

  39. Yeah that's exactly why i didn't like Dune

  40. I thought Dune was fine enough and generally enjoyed watching it, but this is specifically why I didn’t really like it. Take away 5-10 minutes of Landscape shots and give it to Duncan interactions to flesh out his character and get more investment from the audience would’ve really made a difference imo.

  41. Exactly...i loved the visuals and all , but wasn't able to get invested in any character. The only one i liked was Oscar Isaac's character.

  42. They r making more animatd series and also reviving X men the animated series. I don't know if these will be up to the quality of the 80s and 90s ones.

  43. That was not me i was just commenting on it

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