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  1. A massive portion of cartel guns were bought legally in the US, so I totally get why they want some justice for what our gun-worship and moronically lax gun laws have helped do to their country. Not sure this was the right avenue to approach the issue from though.

  2. lolol right? a reasonably liberal, democratic stronghold city, actually, but the nerds I hung out with briefly (the ones with the good board games, anyways) were...kind of on the gamergate/incel spectrum.

  3. I knew what you meant, we just call them "chuds" for shorthand. I mean, there are lots of people who let their fascinations become their identities--typically those people are male and their fascinations make a lot of noise. The motorcycle contingent, the thumping bass contingent, the sports fan contingent, stoners, on and on.

  4. I wonder if Trump know how effete he looks when he refuses to touch pens because they might have icky germs on them.

  5. Did you like push the wires into the contacts or something? You should def give it its own box. Your generator is not going to output some big spike over 50 amps, it would stall first, but even if it did the other breakers would open if the amp draw got excessive. As long as all the circuits are fused I don't see why you need that, unless the "panic button" capability eases your mind. I am not an electrician tho.

  6. Well my mentality is that if I have let's say three 20 amp breakers on one hot side that could potentially pull over 50 amps without tripping anything. My wiring going in is only rated for 50 amps. So to protect everything at once is why i put in a main breaker at 50 amps. That way ALL the power flows through it and protects the inlet wiring from anything over 50 amps.

  7. None of the 20 amp circuits will allow more than 20 amps. Maybe you're saying what if all three of them pulled 19 amps simultaneously so 57 altogether--then your generator would stall. But yeah, there is no harm in it, just give it its own box with one of those impressive lever handles on it. : )

  8. I pray for God to watch over Donald Trump, and if he dies soon anyway, to keep his corpse from putrifying for at least three hours so they can get him disposed of quickly, and I pray also that somebody shows up at his funeral who isn't there to gloat. And that he gets buried at a golf course with an excavator as if that were some kind of honor. Amen.

  9. Article is from 2014. Can we stop pretending that the Marlboro Man is still a thing?

  10. The Marlboro Man is still a thing because his theme song, a fragment of Elmer Bernstein's

  11. you have to click the state not just hover on your link to see the N/A.

  12. so your example of why we dont need gun control is super lower population areas that have a higher murder rate. my example of why we do is super highly populated areas that have a super lower murder rate. which one makes more sense?

  13. You said high homicide rates were due to loose gun laws. I demonstrated that is not true. Then you said low homicide rates are due to low population density instead because there is nobody to shoot. I demonstrated that is not so.

  14. I mean, somebody on Trump's legal team came up with that futile "Special Master" nonsense just to waste time, and Trump ended up further behind than when he started, plus now he is paying $500/hour for a judge to go through 11,000 pages one by one when the DOJ already did it for free. That has got to chafe a guy like him.

  15. It's fascinating (fascistnating?) how right wingers so often rely on the "I'm only kidding" technique. The loathsome message still gets across to the people who know it's not a joke, yet still allows people to say "Oh it was only a joke, wHeRe'S yOuR sEnSe oF hUmOr?"

  16. Because our culture requires that we make every effort to give the benefit of the doubt. Trump never does, or Roger Stone, but we are supposed to.

  17. The right wing noise machine has so much material here to fabricate a narrative.

  18. Real two part urethane auto paint. I've really liked Mahopac, they are gtg. Do not use hardware store paint, real paint is a completely different animal. You can do that whole trailer with two quarts of paint and a gallon of thinner.

  19. I don't think anything sheared, there was a pin for the input shaft but it was good. I think it was just really old grease. We had some food grade grease in a tube that I used to repack it and I ran it for a few minutes to see how it does. I'm going to get more mixer grease ordered and change it out again.

  20. Okay so the planetary didn't just drop out by itself, you pulled it off? Usually old grease just sort of turns doughy and doesn't flow anymore, it doesn't liquify and fall out. Not a big deal, I am just curious.

  21. So there is a roll pin in the collar part of that planetary probably. Its whole job is to shear if there is too much stress, because a roll pin is cheap, and stripping the teeth off your gears is very expensive. Find what's left of the pin, it maybe be in two or three pieces, repack with grease (I just use red synthetic grease from the auto parts store) and then re-install everything with a new shear pin.

  22. I like the fire idea. Do you know any wiccans? Seems like an excellent time for a conspicuous pagan ritual. : )

  23. This is unsolicited but I wish food trucks didn't feel obligated to under-price everything. At one venue where I booked the food trucks and we got paid on percentage, we had to have the food truck operators come to a meeting and lean on them to jack their prices 20 or 30 percent. They were crazy under-priced, a lot of them could have been getting 2X at a venue like ours.

  24. No. Not unsolicited. I was asking for it. I do appreciate the opinions, encouragements, and differing perspectives. It really helps. Every bit of it does.

  25. Pretty much every U.S historian outside being paid explicitly by conservative think tanks agree that the 2A was written in relation to militias, and not individuals.

  26. I thought the joke was that Garland is a spineless, centrist, pseudo fascist who’s more than willing to enable to dismantling of American democracy by placating literal fascists as he continues to serve the agendas and interests of the right-of-center, neoliberal donors that control the bulk of Democrats.

  27. My kingdom for a Democrat whose highest priority is not risk aversion.

  28. I really like Bersas, have owned three, presently own one. People should know that they changed their US distributor a few years ago and the new one does not seem to put forth much effort. To this day they barely have a web site, it is a sad joke. I do not know how parts or warranty service is going, but I would be careful.

  29. That’s odd… this says the ATF specifically determined all of polymer80s products DID meet requirements for firearms and that they needed to provide the same level of background check as any other supplier

  30. Again, this is an incredibly slanted article. If the right published something this mendacious you'd call it fake news and you would be right.

  31. The slant of the article also doesn’t change the fact that the ATF viewed polymer80s products as firearms. Respectfully you seem to have flipped your stance on the ATF from a grounds to polymer80s actions being all ok to “a politically motivated police force” when called out on a bit of factual inaccuracy. It’s hard to see why anyone should trust you when you seem to have known about this but intentionally hid that bit of context when saying the atf thought it was legal.

  32. I didn't withold or lie about anything. There is probably a lot more I haven't revealed because I don't know it. Being a Polymer80 flack is not my line of work. But you seem to get all your information from sources conducting a misinformation campaign to create public hysteria. Perhaps learn more about subjects from less mendacious sources before expressing passionate opinions. You know, like we expect people to do with viruses.

  33. Ah. So we may conclude that when the groupies at a Trump event are told by the Trump apparatus to do something, or stop doing something, they obey. "March to the Capitol" for instance, and "fight like hell".

  34. A few years ago my libertarian sister basically disowned me for being pro choice. That confused me because my position was the official libertarian position. But there has been this slow, far-right Christian conservative takeover of the libertarian label. And with the mises caucus, the shift to the dark side is complete. A bunch of alt-right insufferable edgelords now. I thought my sister was an outlier at the time, but she was part of a culture shift within the party.

  35. That clears a lot of things up. Libertarianism as you know is highly formulaic and pretty much regards civics as a math problem or a geometry problem. If everybody starts with correct premises they will inevitably end up at the same conclusions.

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