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  1. The kind of joke where you are buying kurkure online

  2. That leg is back as if he’s done this before. Whoops.

  3. My order was placed and was ready for delivery. I didn't even placed an order.

  4. Stop whining about delivery prices. Cook your own food.

  5. Why should i cook my own food? I will order from some other place.

  6. Better to walk to the restaurant

  7. Naya naya Zomato bot bolna seekha hai, wohi bolne aaya hai ye sabko.

  8. He's an idiot that's why. He didn't get the sympathy and the validation he was hoping for and now he's mad. Don't feed the kid anymore attention, he'll stop crying after a while.

  9. Based on the shitty resolution I assumed it was rendered and then made grainy to look more realistic. Also what is FI??? Did you mean F1?

  10. You are doing it to too fast. Just cut down around 500 calories from your maintenance calories. You won't have any head room for cutting calories in the future and you will hit plateau too soon. If you go too fast you can even lose your muscles.

  11. If you love something, set it free. If it returns, it was meant to be.

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