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  1. In that there's no real-world counterpart to a character changing race, yeah, kinda. Anything involving Doctor Who is automatically a niche context.

  2. this is how he thanks the us and uk for not declaring the govt of Abel Muzorewa legitimate back in 1979

  3. TBF Zimbabwe is the one country who could improve their economy by switching to the ruble

  4. si ya lo hubieses jugado la escucharias automaticamente, en fin la cancion es Introduction de Solar Fields

  5. depends if the us can use that as a solid proof that they have to designated as terrorists

  6. regardless if they did it or not, the govt must start to give this more spotlight.

  7. Dear France, voting for Le Pen is the single most American thing you could do. You would be doing an America, or at the very least, a Britain. Do you want to be like America?

  8. if the 2020 us election was about voting against trump and not about voting for biden, then this one will be about voting against macron.

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