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  1. I adopted these brothers last month, they’re growing up so fast!

  2. The stones and circle are located in a section of the LDT State Forest used by local native Americans for decades. There are a total of 4 entrances to the circle (the four directions) though the area has been effectively abandoned for years and the other stones have been smashed by vandals. The circle originally had a fire pit in the middle and a ring of simple wood benches around the perimeter, which were also burned by vandals. There is also a smaller, newer circle nearby which was constructed more recently, probably in the past 20-30 years. There is also an old spring water well nearby that used to be topped with a cast iron pump, I’m not sure what happened to the pump but the well has now been capped. This area used to be a little more forested as well, with several “campsites” and fire pits around that area. Over the years, you would find wigwams and long houses in the area but these were also destroyed. It’s really a shame to see how neglected the area has become. There are also a few other artifacts nearby but they are off the beaten path and I’d rather not encourage any more curiosity and potential damage to the area.

  3. I haven't decided yet! I figure something will come to me once I get to know their personalities. These are my first kittens, and second/third Siamese cats I've adopted. They're the best!

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