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  1. It will be called an “unintentional but fortuitous COVID vaccine release” by the media, Moderna, etc.

  2. Yeah. I kind of live with a karma thing, where I try to be good to people and life has treated me incredibly well overall. With that in mind I try to stay sympathetic, but heck yeah I resent these people.

  3. I know/know of 15 who had life-threatening reactions. (Stopped counting really.) 5/15 died soon after their clot shots.

  4. I’ve stopped believing the right believes in Jesus Christ a long time ago. The right are just putting on airs.

  5. These vaccine pushers are pure evil. Real life Bond villains who would have felt perfectly comfortable advising Hitler.

  6. The sad thing is that another pro-vax guy made almost the exact same joke, and it didn't end so well. After getting his 2nd dose in March 2021, this other man wrote on Facebook "when does the 5G start working and what is the password to get into the microchip?" He got the booster November 2021. At the end of December 2021, he admitted he had been sick for the last 2 months, had "11 pounds of fluid drained from his abdomen" and needed an echocardiogram (heart ultrasound). He died Jan 2022.

  7. Your mistake is thinking that elites have no reason for orchestrating a mass-depopulation event for anything other than just control. I think their reasoning is deeper and more... religious? Than that.

  8. To nit pick on technical terms, I reject the notion that IQ correctly signifies intelligence as we'd understand the concept. Both in the Milgram experiment and the vaccinations I know of plenty of very high IQ people that completely fell for it.

  9. True. Mine was not IQ. A combination of being lazy, seeing friends get sick and die, and being generally suspicious of big initiatives/government. No rocket science in my case.

  10. Wait so they have to leave Wisconsin just before winter sets in and all move for new jobs in Florida where every human being is treated equally?

  11. These leaders are either communists out to destroy the US and kill us all or complete idiots. They have decimated US healthcare with these mandates like they are doing with the military.

  12. Not a physician, but a highly-compensated CA executive, and I am leaving because of rules like this.

  13. Where’d you move to? I fled Bay Area for Nevada back in 2005. It was before this particular horribleness, but even back then I could smell that CA had become an echo chamber of self-important sheep.

  14. One of the nicer TX suburbs is all I can say. I would have personally preferred NV or AZ, but family is now all in TX.

  15. I know of 3 under 50 year olds with , 1 heart attack, 1 aneurism, and 1 stroke. This is insane.

  16. Only if you aren’t a big fan of elites controlling every aspect of your life, not being able to buy basic necessities for your family, an uncontrolled border, humiliating military losses/decimated military, destroyed healthcare system, and a bankrupt nation.

  17. We ordered a bunch from India at the very start. I realized when they banned the president of the USA for discussing hydroxychloquine I knew they were covering up therapeutics to get these shots in arms (must be some we we blow it up).

  18. You should probably take every pill pharma wants to give you. They have a perfect record tinkering with the most sophisticated machine in the known universe. :)

  19. has some of those guides. Probably a ton of others if you just Google it and check images for printables.

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