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  1. I feel the same way a lot of the time too. But because of work I’m forced to make small talk all of the time.

  2. Oh man, I hate when the teller or cashier etc ask what’s your plans for the rest of the day??

  3. That's it. That's all I do. I eat one of those almost every day, although some days I will have a baked salmon fillet for dinner so I don't have the sandwich at lunch.

  4. He allowed US Marshals to assist in capturing pedophiles/ human traffic victims. There was a huge spike in arrests after that

  5. is this ACTUALLY true? i remember this as huge conspiracy bullshit, people where claiming this in the January he came into office, and I looked up a bunch of the arrests, of course, they were all cases that had been undercover for years so it was ridiculous to give him any credit at all for them.

  6. Vitamin C is especially good if you’ve had liver or kidney problems

  7. A CPAP pillow??? What? A little off topic, my husband snores like crazy but he doesn't have sleep apnea so he doesn't qualify for the C-PAP machine. I wonder if this would help him. I have to get up in the middle of the night and sleep in the other bedroom frequently.

  8. look into mouth taping, it sounds crazy but we should be breathing through our nose. and people that snore are often not getting good sleep. but his neck could be out of alignment if all the sinus stuff is clear.

  9. A cpap pillow is designed to be used with a cpap machine, so it has cut outs for the machine to go when you are laying on your side. But I thought they might also be good as a “beauty pillow” dupe as the whole point is avoiding the smush of your face on the pillow 🤷🏽‍♀️ Here’s an example:

  10. dummy here, just going to ask you two educated folks, what does the cooking part do to the omegas? and EPA?

  11. High heat conductive cooking can cause damage to them. I generally recommend lots of fresh or low-temp cooked healthy fat foods (nuts, seeds, fish, EVOO etc)

  12. omygod, well it sounds like you're doing amazing though in all the work that you are actually putting in, in taking care of everyone AND doing school, AND getting your cert. Those are really impressive accomplishments, even if you feel like you are swimming up current.

  13. Thank you! I’m so pleased that it’s encouraging.

  14. My right side strain is something I’ve only recently realized and begun investigating how to resolve. However, some of the stretches in this video seem to be helpful, particularly the doorway stretches.

  15. where do you live (ish)?? i feel like its so hard to find doctors for common issues, how do you find folks to work with you on these kinds of things??

  16. I got acupuncture and has helped my flushing immensely!!! Literally went from flushing 5-6 times a day to 3 times in a week after just one treatment. He said that it will take a few more treatments for it to be sustainable and then will have to work on my diet. Expensive but soooo worth it. Look for a student teaching clinic if money is tight.

  17. Yes he said I had kidney yang deficiency and the kidneys needed to be warmed in order to anchor the heat from rising up or “flushing”

  18. Oh, welp they’re gone. Thank you. My Acu said something about kidney yang deficiency too!

  19. We talked about this movie here a few months back. Personally I could not relate to it as I was never married long but it gave me an insight to what life might have been like had I

  20. Yeah I remember thinking it was great and then it succumbed to weird crappy disappointing stereotypical behavior. But most of it was good, or at least a window to the thoughts of women but I wish it wasn’t like that.

  21. does anyone have thought or experience on LaseMD or RFmicroneedling for skin laxity on neck?

  22. It dries hard like a shell and then you wash it off. There is for sure a lift. I do it once every two weeks.

  23. i was reading about it! i might have to give it a go! thx. how many masks do you get out of it? there may be a rush after this. although i couldnt find anyone else talking about it in reddit. but sometimes the reddit search doesnt work for me.

  24. cant find any ingredients, do you still have the bottle? ive never heard of this brand but also at that price point it could mostly just be petroleum jelly. i do see it says +oat,

  25. Yes after the redness is gone the next day it will dry up... my moisturizer calms my inflammation

  26. oh. thanks, it sounds like we maybe have different situations. my chin area doesn seem red or inflamed to me, just dry, but doc said it was inflamed... also the redness on my cheeks does wax and wane a bit but doesnt go away and doesnt seem dry where the redness is...

  27. I don’t get how I could have an over infestation for four years. And I’ve tried metronidazole oral Rx and Mupirocin to no effect.

  28. looks like some folks get relief from topical ivermectin if it is related to demodex. sorry another thing to try. but search for it, i saw it in various forums.

  29. The fellow vagina owners over at

  30. i just dont think its THAT strong of an antibacterial. so maybe if you used it regularly, but i also see foks recommending it for this purpose. i suppose everyones hooha is different. def going to check out this other sub though.

  31. I mean yeah we are all different for sure but I hate vagina problems with a passion so I try to be as careful as I can as to not irritate the finicky little bitch. 🤣

  32. dang, i had an esthetician recommend chemical peel for me too, im here researching. mine is fairly mild rosacea too.

  33. Download the GoodRX app and use that as your “insurance” at the pharmacy. My doc warned me about insurance not paying (I’m 39) and told me about GoodRX. You can even search the least expensive pharmacy for it in your area.

  34. Niles doesn't jerk off to pro male tennis players' feet*, so he has that going for him.

  35. I made the mistake of looking at rude guy's history, since he does it and fair play and all...

  36. omg! lol. i was thinking it was a kelsey grammer scandal or something. just the reddit dingdong. phew!

  37. I have both NAC and NACET and I haven't used it yet since it dulls amphetamines but I plan on starting NACET Monday and going to document my results.

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