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  1. Do you imagine that these mistreated women did not love their children?

  2. You seem to be conflating the darkest possible interpretation of certain medieval European cultures with the entire sweep of human history.

  3. No, You seem to actively be asking me my take over and over and still acting insufferable about my honesty because I won't change it to your opinions. Your upset so you take a route in which you willfully take things out of context cause you think everyone has to align with you. Even the moderators think it's appropriate to keep shutting my responses out because they aren't very kindly to other views. It absolutely just shows the lack of integrity with all these encounters.

  4. The government almost never gives anyone what they deserve, good or bad. Why is it only a good idea when it involves killing someone?

  5. Cause your thinning out the population of useless people especially taking them out of the gene pool. Especially when we won't have them creating hostile environments or teaching thier evil craft like drive by gangsters shooters, sex traffickers, over religious extremist puritan's and predatory stalkers.

  6. Are we including the pagan Christmas with the creepy yule lads that do petty nonsense and the old cranky deteriorating father Christmas?

  7. You can snatch my pudding anytime, you sweet talker.

  8. I will drink your eggs, I'll sheer all your sheep and pick my teeth with your best silverware and tell no one.

  9. I guess the Dixie chicks. They didn't like the president that was in office when they were relevant.

  10. Lovely peaches I suppose. Dig that rabbit hole on your own terms I don't wanna touch on the details.

  11. Sometimes we wanna look nice to make other women upset and insecure. Men think we do it for the male gaze or male attention but no. We just look good and go out of our way for superficial toxic reason as means of emotional attack on other women. So don't talk to us. Don't approach us. We are just ego tripping with other women. We have to be better than the others. Your involvement is basically comparing and ranking us, not making attempts at hooking up with us.

  12. You want to know everything? You really wanna open that ugly can of worms? It's gonna look like this.... I have cramps, I can't stand my cousin and her stupid peacock themed wedding dream she won't shut up about, all I wanna eat is sushi and ice cream, carol and her craisin salad have no bussiness next to my brisket at the office pot luck, why the hell did I paint my nails this ugly avocado green, I should have done a jungle green, This bish I'm arguing with on TikTok still pissing me off! I'm gonna catch an attitude from him asking if I have an attitude! Get out of the room so I can let my farts out without you knowing!! I must sob about my father!

  13. This may be a bit of a stretch here but... Think you could ask her to make kfc from scratch at home if she's so passionate about it. What if it makes her consider becoming more constructive about the food. The spices, the technique in how to make the batter. Then maybe she won't feel like you are not in her side. Maybe that could be her own way of her own alternative

  14. We have tried that! We seriously sat down on a weekend, planned out all the spices etc for it, bought the chicken and other ingredients required, and then she just shrugged and said "nah, I'm ordering" so, we just threw our hands up and gave up at that point. High metabolism won't save her forever, though, in afraid.

  15. You'll have to get to the center of her insecurities or poor self esteem since it seems sh just filling whatever void she has with just one kind of food the tingles her serotonin and dopamine. The girl has no other hobbies or interests or talents, it's past the point of giving her structure in your home. You'll have to get her to see a professional.

  16. Smart. It almost doesn't matter when your beautiful because you'll always be consumed with not being more beautiful than other beautiful people. And once your old and wrinkled you'll be bitter cause you'd have nothing else to compensate for. Maybe just purses and piles of shoes that match that don't look good on your decaying wrinkled body anymore.

  17. It doesn't have to be a day care. Ask a teenage nieces or cousins, a God child, you have siblings that are stay at home moms maybe the inlaws?

  18. That's stupid. He's a Tuba man! Don't be so ignorant! Trumpet... Just because trump is his last name..... So closed minded ... Rediculous.

  19. He has delusions that you are an angel and you can do no wrong. Maybe it's time to demonstrate you can be annoying and intolerable too. Like complain about another girl that doesn't even exist. Go off about how a barista messed up your order, you scratched the nieghbros car cause his dog pooped on your lawn, your cousin sucks cause she picked an inlaw to be flower girl. Make up anything to catch him off guard if your not gonna block him.

  20. If she just got out of a relationship she's not in the rebound. Not everyone can just hop back in the dating pool without fixing emotional baggage or thinking about things clearly. She'd make a rash decision on something all over again cause she was vulnerable.

  21. She was looking for any unwarranted excuse to dip out. Forget her. She seems like a snoopy prude.

  22. Puking on a car is different from puking inside the car. Some rain will fix it right up. 🤷 Girls have done worse things to cars. I myself have placed condom's filled with mayonnaise into my cheating ex's car for his rebound girlfriend or himself to find.

  23. There's a variety of factors that can make someone a killer, but your asking about a serial killer, that means multiple victims. That just means a killer that's not been caught and continues. It wouldn't apply to someone that has only killed once, covered thier tracks and has never killed again. People who killed someone on a personal level don't actually have to go out of their way to kill another person again cause it's not nessesary. 🤷

  24. Well if they are gonna have tattoos they shouldn't have them as a measurement of scratching out their "personality and identity" you will find that alot of times the most boring and most stale people will get a stunning tattoo as the illusion of seeming interesting and worthwhile and standing out but they have no charisma where it counts. It's not like they can keep milking the topic of their tattoos forever. So it's not entirely out of pocket to perceive that people use tattoos to cover up insecurities.

  25. It's probably not holding up cause you haven't figured out the two types of women and what they are after.

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