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Assisted suicide pod approved for use in Switzerland. At the push of a button, the pod becomes filled with nitrogen gas, which rapidly lowers oxygen levels, causing its user to die

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  1. Shit dat is best wat niet veel Nederlandse YouTubers die zover komen-congrats

  2. GTA Online. Absolutely unplayable in its current state, but could be a riot if it had been designed for multiplayer from the ground up. Instead its a hodge podge of code that ends up being a playground for hackers.

  3. What a wonderful game.. I remember a buddy of mine switching from console to pc and coming back real quick as it was literally unplayable with all the cheaters/modders overthere

  4. R6: Siege, but due to the amount of people using kbm on console. Went from my favourite game in the first couple of years, to one I now hate when my friends drag me on. Doesn't help that they put strong sbmm in the casual mode in year 3, so I can't avoid them.

  5. Hate to see it! I remember coming across someone I thought was goodgood so I became enthousiastic and asked question as to how, why and what etc. Found out on the old gen consoles people could use these “packs” which changed my view immediatly. Saying it broke my heart is to much but man I hated hearing it wasnt legit as I appreciate some good talent

  6. Isnt it an idea to send people, who would want to leave their life’s, to space for future examination?

  7. After seeing the outcome of the case there’s been a lot of thoughts running through my mind. As Depp has fulfilled various and such wonderful rolls throughout his career my first thought was perfect karma...... What if he takes on Heard’s roll in Aquaman (as a Transgender or something as its a prominent subject atm)? Yes? No? What do you think he should take on next?

  8. To warm up the “Stroop” /sirup inside. On local markets there’s stands making these cookies at the spot which gives them even more taste as theyre hot!

  9. Thank you for the love! This started earlier with little kids on pony’s and now it’s time for the adults :)

  10. It’s wonderful! They started earlier with young kids on pony’s and now this! Thanks for the love

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