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In Bartlett, Illinois today.

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  1. I just sold a car that was totaled as a “clean title with total loss”. It’s sketchy that the dealer wasn’t transparent about the total loss, but ultimately, it’s not a salvage vehicle unless such a title is issued for it.

  2. I’ve received about 30 calls from PayPal, and their customer service is closed right now. Is there anything I can do, or is this all a scam?

  3. Your rocker panel is dented, which counts as frame damage, so yes, this is a total loss. However, I strongly recommend taking an insurance buyout and keeping the car as you will profit greatly from getting the repairs done yourself. The rocker panel will never be perfect again, but it’ll still be functional. 👍

  4. Lost Package - File a claim with USPS now as it’s been 15 days since the last scan and you’ll receive a payout via check if it doesn’t scan in.

  5. USPS received the package at the post office and that’s where it was lost. It may have been scanned in with a SSK which is why it’s stuck on pending. After 15 days, you can file a claim if the package is Priority Mail/insured for reimbursement on the value of the lost package.

  6. How does a building get to be that involved before even a single fire truck can respond ? Is that a judgement on the building or the fire department ?

  7. Based the ABC article I read, the fire department treated it as a collapse zone and would not send any trucks out. Only aerial copters were being used to put out the fire.

  8. I’d say those with ticket plans can attend the early game, and in the summer public tickets will be available for purchase with some stadium limits until the vaccine is fully-distributed.

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