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  1. Using lsd to try to change yourself should be a last resort, like if you’re this guy and addicted to meth. Trying to change yourself with a drug 9/10 times is gonna ultimately lead to failure because to truly change yourself there is no shortcuts.

  2. If you’re gonna do this stick to resorts only, don’t be tripping balls in the back country. Tripping balls in an avalanche scenario is probably the worst thing that could possibly happen. Imagine trying to use your beacon and probe when every second counts to save your homies and you’re having a super intense trip.

  3. Start going to church and stop looking for highs to feel happy. As hard as it is once u change the thoughts in ur head it becomes a lot easier. Ur brain is a muscle you’ve been working it out the wrong way gotta start training it right. Speaking from experience I was depressed all the time asking those same questions and once I started hitting the gym and living life more sober, I stopped having that existential dread all the time.

  4. Church is an indoctrination camp for idiots.

  5. The devil has a hold of u boy, by ur testicles. Both of ‘em. Hopefully one day u awaken from his facade and accept the everlasting love of Jesus christ, the man who died for our sins.

  6. Get Jesus in ur life and you don’t got to worry about all that delusional nonsense

  7. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, I don’t know about that one man that shits heavy and dark

  8. Yeah but it’s also trippy. I could see it being dark tho. I was just experimenting if I should include movie lists in this copy and paste I do for anyone tripping I may just leave it off

  9. Yeah all of the other ones are great, I’d add in place of that fear and loathing in Las Vegas or some shit. And midnight gospel, 10/10 recommend that shit took me to some crazy ass places in my mind😂

  10. The number one rule is only go up by half tabs. My first time tripping my buddy when up from one to two tabs and had a bad trip. Might not happen to you but I heard only up ur dose by a half tab

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