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  1. So since you were corrected that the original states “man shall not lie with boy” and was simply lost in translation, do you have another example you’d like to try out?

  2. Like building a worse train, and building a worse tunnel, and making worse solar panels, and trying to colonize one of the worst colonization candidates in the solar system!

  3. Is latvia thought of as a shitty country? It really isn't. All of the baltic nations are fairly well-developed and modern.

  4. Idk haven't lived in other countries, lots of people going abroad for work though. Googling cost of living in Latvia gives you some data, if you actually want to know.

  5. Was the poor little boy inconvenienced a teeny bit?

  6. "Teeny bit". I was, and still am majorly inconvenienced. Can't work in current condition. All this from the completely safe vaccine. And just because someone has it worse doesn't negate all the stuff I am experiencing, this isn't some pain olympics. Classic straw man from retard redditor.

  7. I'm guessing you are just barely out of your teens. Adults understand that sometimes we make sacrifices for the greater good.

  8. Like not being able to take care of your family. Huh, interesting. Thank you for your wisdom, I now just feel so much better now that I know my sickness and wealth insecurity benefits "the greater good".

  9. I know that you can do it that way, but it's annoying. Plus, I don't want to mirror on border and I want to see the mirrored half adjust real time as I find the perfect position.

  10. Yes, it's really shitty that were polluting the orbit so much just so that one billionaire can get even richer.

  11. "People not in cities getting affordable and good internet is very bad". I don't think you understand how good this will be for humanity.

  12. They won't be getting either, though, not lile this. Especially humanity-wise. This is just meant to help richer folks who want to go live in the middle of nowhere without helping infrastructure improve in their area.

  13. Sad that it's literally impossible to win in these situations unless the opponent is a total dumbass and attacks with too many troops.

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