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  1. Purchased Lamzu Atlantis mini white from

  2. This may be a dumb question, but how do you get the dummies to fight you in the firing range???

  3. how are the clicks? i just got my first ergo, pulsar xlite v2 and for some reason i have a really hard time spamming them like they feel so stiff. idk if its just a new shape im not used to or what.

  4. Unfortunately, I don't have a Xlite V2 to compare it to. However, I would say that the clicks on this mouse are very spammable. Here's a link to a review on the mouse (see 2:05 for his thoughts on the clicks).

  5. Yeah, it comes with grip tape in the box. I have the black one and it came with black grip tape. Not sure about the white one.

  6. I have the same grip and I found that the best mice for me are the g303 and deathadder. I’ve got high hopes for the new deathadder that has been posted on this sub.

  7. I have a GPX but, overall, I prefer the g303 for 131. The 131 with the g303 works better for me because I can anchor my pinky perfectly to the right side of the mouse where it sticks out (i.e., my pinky kind of wraps around the right side super well). This makes it mouse far more stable for me when aiming in Apex.

  8. Sold Viper Ultimate and Model D wireless to

  9. The Rival 310 is such a great shape. If they made it lighter and wireless that may be my endgame.

  10. Anyone know when the pre-order opens for the mini?

  11. I follow The Techne. He's sold me on the some mice in the past (like the Roccat Kone Pro Air, and he probably would have sold me on the Model D Wireless too if I wasn't already buying it back then)

  12. How does the model d compare to the xlite in terms of its size? Does it fell bigger or smaller in the hand?

  13. Do you have any pics of what the bottom/skates look like?

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