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  1. Google Alec and Hilaria this past week and up pops article after article about how she’s still faking her accent. And then Alec double downs with a “mi vida” post. And Hilaria with her sweatshirts that send a message. Are they trying to divert attention from the criminal charges and the very real possibility he could go to jail? Either way, they are lying unrepentant assholes. I feel so badly for their children.

  2. Out of all her disturbing breastfeeding pics/vids it’s this one I find the most disturbing. And I’m a huge proponent of breastfeeding btw. This is the definition of sexualizing breastfeeding. Her poor kid that this will live on the internet forever. 😢

  3. “Local police and the FBI tracked him to Pennsylvania through his vehicle. The FBI surveilled the house in the Pocono Mountains for four days prior to the arrest.”

  4. This photo makes me sad. She’s totally disconnected from that baby. Not to mention it looks insane. Like it’s so bizarre it’s depressing.


  6. She makes casual jokes like this - that it would be so easy to conceive - and yet we are supposed to take her seriously when it comes to infertility and surrogacy. GTFO

  7. God dammit she got to meet Brandi Carlile??? My hatred of her is forever cemented now. She is SO not worthy. 🙄

  8. What says Christmas about this video?? All I see is 2 siblings being entirely too rough with their infant sibling and zero correction from the adults in their life.

  9. I actually feel sad for them. What a pathetic life. She’s been saving this T-shirt to spite him? And had to tuck it in to show everyone how skinny she is? What a shit show. 😬

  10. Who in the world would ever question if a parent felt differently about a child born via surrogate? Once again it’s everyone else’s fault she couldn’t be upfront and honest.

  11. Why does she feel the need to always include that she wasn’t there? She wasn’t at the park when one of the boys broke his arm, etc. Like nothing bad EVER happens on her watch? She’s too perfect obvi. 🙄

  12. She did make sure to tell us she was there when Eddie had a severe allergic reaction and was near death until she saved his life with an EpiPen.

  13. No way baby could properly latch through the nipple hole in a hands free pumping bra. So this is clearly staged. But why??? Who is this for? Like even if she was truly an influencer to breastfeeding moms this is so not relatable. Breastfeeding is not just about milk production, Hillary. So take off your goddamn coat, have a seat and connect with your baby.

  14. Seriously. Why did she have the point out gender of the “driver”? Because you know women drivers are so hysterical. 🙄Feminist I think not.

  15. I hope the mothers of the 2 children he says in this video rage against the machine and complain to the school. If it was my kid I absolutely would. What a sad thing that he has a crush….like all kids do and she just couldn’t keep it private. I’m thinking of these very sweet moments with my own kids and feel sick she would post this.

  16. Sincere question….do you ever think she regrets not just being upfront and honest about surrogacy? I mean it’s so widely accepted. Literally nobody cares how you have the baby…just that you are a loving parent. But once again Hilaria misses the mark and I bet it just kills her that these brave surrogacy headlines we see with celebrities these days never include her. Discuss.

  17. This is going to be one short lived podcast. Her interview pool is paid help and a handful of “friends” who for some reason have not shunned her the way most people have. Harsh but true.

  18. So funny! Thank you for sharing. I love that in this fake pumping pic we did find out that the Baldwin’s are cheugy AF. #blessed 😂

  19. So staged! The prop container with just a splash of the breast milk is the biggest tell. She pumped .5 oz out of one breast and then switched over to new containers? It’s the leftovers from a full container? No actual pumping mom would waste this liquid gold. She’s such a narcissist that she keeps having to double down with this BS. Show us a true genuine parenting moment and maybe we will respect it. Enough with the lies!

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