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  1. In our beautiful city of barely 2millions we could considered ourselves layback compared to other larger cities around the world..but why the f is that timer on the pedestrian crossing is barely long enough for me to RUN to the middle of the road before turning Red?..

  2. The flashing red means it's safe to keep crossing if you started on the green, but anyone else who hasn't should not start.

  3. "What's that? Give way?! No, I don't think I will"

  4. Dependant on the car, different shift lights

  5. Danganronpa 2 is a game. There is no anime adaptation.

  6. Oh okay! Thank you that makes so sense. I’m only new to the show/game so don’t really know much on the order and stuff. Thank you so much :)

  7. That's fine, glad I could help!

  8. How do you feel about your main mascot dude unironically saying "Poggers"?

  9. Why does the Ferrari have AMG branding on the wheel covers?

  10. I'm not saying it's a mistake, I'm curious as to the meaning behind your artistic intention XD

  11. C'mon, make the 1996 Monaco GP look boring in comparison...

  12. Some unholy combination of 1996 and 1982?

  13. Was 82 the year everyone ran out of fuel?

  14. I don't know. Just another Monaco peculiarity

  15. The story goes is that it was because all the parties were Friday. If that’s true or not, I don’t know.

  16. Actually, I have received my package!

  17. As a trespasser or as a homeowner with a family, lmao?

  18. Yeah, because you know me personally. lmao

  19. It's in 4/4 time. Absolutely danceable.

  20. So just like in real life, got it

  21. Scott Morrison? Giovanni (John) Barilaro? Gladys Berejiklian?

  22. Leclerc was taking one of the 70s Ferraris for a run at the Historic Monaco GP earlier this year. He binned it after the brakes decided it liked being fallen apart better.

  23. Well there is also a chance that it was a double prophecy and he'll bin it again this week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  24. Yeah, true. He'll keep up his 100% record in that case XD

  25. Day 3 of probably approximately 200 of my package's lovely stay at the black hole known as Welshpool.

  26. I woke to a Aus Post txt msg saying a parcel is arriving today! If so, it means it only spent a week in the Welshpool Blackhole. Hurrah!

  27. If I'm missing plot details and the game doesn't call them out, that's on the game for not realizing people might play out of order

  28. It's literally called Danganronpa 2, explicitly stating that it is the second game in the series.

  29. And this is the kind of people that makes everyone not want to play Danganronpa

  30. Not my fault you choose to not play in order, my dude

  31. Can you please take a step back and read the actual links posted to ensure YOU know the accurate rules of a roundabout? We all learnt something new recently, when previously it was believed to always be ‘give way to the right.’ Just like indicating to leave a roundabout, it’s okay to realise you have to adjust your behaviour to keep up with the rules.


  33. Depends on how far it's travelled and what it is. If it's for right now, 6mths. If it's for yesterday, 2 can't rush these things.

  34. A surprise people found out so quickly

  35. My first time voting 20 odd years ago, the liberal volunteer shoved a HTV in my face, I said no thanks. He the told my dad (who was with me) “you better pull your daughter into line” my quiet, kind and gentle dad told him to go fuck himself. I just do postal votes these days.

  36. Good dad, this is how it should be. Nice and kind where it counts, but be an arsehole to his daughter and face his wrath

  37. Okay, so question. Why do we have to watch it in that order instead one full arc and then the other?

  38. Spoilers for each arc are present in certain episodes. Even Despair Arc episode 1 spoils Future arc ep 1

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