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  1. Elections mater and want to protect LGBTQ rights vote democrats since they can veto Any Gop anti LGBTQ plans if governor or president.

  2. Let me see to prove the point of loyalty to Donald Trump and attack the Ukrainian president for failure to listening to Trump's quote I would like to do us a favor back in 2019

  3. Just a reminder, Trump settled a fraud case within a year of him becoming President.

  4. No doubt the Brazilian government also compelled the GOP to prevent this worthless guy from ever returning to Brazil.

  5. You mean Donald Trump's Ally The Mastermind of the Brazilian January 6th Bolsonaro. Remember when Biden was vice president the current president Lula was called by Barack Obama as the world's most popular politician

  6. What he means by woke it's that it's liberal ideology provided they twist the meaning of this African-American slang. Remember this also applies to any foreign leader who is friends with Joe Biden best known example is Madison Cawthorn using this to describe Zelensky.

  7. Excellent post and this needs to be stopped but the GOP is fine with it

  8. It's a state crime. How can the federal government cut funding? And if they somehow could, the state will increase the funding anyway it's just all for show.

  9. Correct and they don't care about the consequences of their actions

  10. This is a state crime and the gop is fine with autocracy and hardliner

  11. The LGBTQ community should be scared of this Fascist, if he could legally build a camp and ship all of his opponents there He would!

  12. You are correct and furthermore he must be defeated if the election came down to Joe Biden versus Ron DeSantis

  13. Minnesota is also taking huge steps in trans rights right now. This year will hopefully see a couple of major bills pass for our protection and support. I love seeing the Midwest get more safe havens for LGBTQ+ people

  14. You are correct except for red Republican states which are opposed to it

  15. For me it's Eunbi = Haesul due to both being a group leader

  16. I wonder if the GOP is willing to do this for Trump or DeSantis against Biden over Ukraine

  17. Let me see it's Trump trying to use this as evidence to win in 2024 against Joe Biden

  18. Scary going through all the ways Dems can win the popular vote by millions but still lose the election. TX, FL, IA, and OH will be so red it won’t be close. It will come down to PA, GA, WI, and AZ. Dems have to fight tooth and nail.

  19. Correct and in 2020 PA GA WI and AZ were the key for Biden winning 2020

  20. Yes, so if the map stays the same but Biden loses Georgia and Pennsylvania, that would be a GOP win. If Biden can hold Pennsylvania but loses Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona, again that’s a GOP win.

  21. You are correct what strategy should the Democrats use to keep Biden being reelected and prevent an American autocracy by the Republicans

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