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  1. Great stuff. What does "redshift render" refer to?

  2. It’s about processing time. If the process is about 60sec/ 1min that count as one (out of ~200min basic plan). Secondly, if you pay basic ($10) and then upgrade to standard ($30), the unused GPU time from basic will be credited as $ towards the new member, hence you will pay less the first upgrade.

  3. That depends on you. In my case I realised straight away that I might pass gpu/ 200min faster than a month.

  4. That’s impressive! Is there already a website available to write prompts?


  6. Is it normal that it takes so long to display?

  7. Is that one of the AI design tools? If so where did you find it??

  8. Not putting the dumbbells back on the rack.

  9. Not fun having to sink the cereal on the milk.

  10. Those small delights that life brings you. i.e. the smell of the wet soil when the first rain comes.

  11. If I tell you it wouldn’t be a secret any more.

  12. In bird culture that’s considered a great starter!

  13. Solved! You glorious person thank you SO MUCH! That's the one, vids, games, lots of memories. 🧡

  14. Did you know that everyone is literally walking with poop inside?

  15. Something that would not create a conflict when creating a unique username.

  16. Opening her mouth and pulling out the tong will be a game changer.

  17. And if you are smart enough you can still tell the time without the numerals.

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