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  1. I hate that word so much I can't describe it. The idea of forming fake relationships just to get a career is sickening. I always wonder if the person you're trying to network with knows it's all bullshit and that you just want a job. I've never made a friend because of how well that friend fit into my money making network and I don't understand how someone could do that and not feel like a fake piece of shit.

  2. Same. It feels so fake, why does the majority of the population have no problem with it??? Hell even taking anthropology classes and seeing how apes interact and all their politics, makes me think we as a species are so unevolved. Sounds edgy but..

  3. I always cringe when people say they're trying to build their networks. It's such bullshit and reeks of boot licking kiss-assery. I've gotten all my jobs through recommendations from friends, because people like to help out their friends. Now that I think about it, I bet most of the people who spout off about networking are full of shit and are perceived as weak people-pleasers. Most people can tell when someone's trying to use them.

  4. 3D printing! The hardware is so cheap and Im making all sorts of little things. I made a headphone stand yesterday.

  5. I did some 3D printing in the creative lab back in hs!

  6. I'm working on making night vision housing right now. That'd be so cool if I could get that to work

  7. I guess I'm bad at arguing because I don't try and argue with people. Nevertheless, me trying to explain my viewpoint gets interpreted as arguing.

  8. I’ve noticed people are very insecure and always in a low-key pissing contest. I just don’t say anything at all, and it almost bothers them that I’m not participating in the dick-measuring. Like they need me to play so they can bully me and make me lose, so they can look like a winner.

  9. Ive experienced this so many times. The subtle dick measuring really pisses me off and I just don't understand it. It makes no sense to me why people would be assholes for no reason and play this weird game of 1-upping each other.

  10. Nice, does this differ from how you made friends with other people, people who you may not consider close friends?

  11. Sort of? Basically the same process but I just didn't click with them as fast. Its a mixture of how well you naturally click and how much time you spend with that person. There are people who I thought were nice and fun to hangout with but we didn't become friends because we didn't spend much time together for whatever reason. I stay in touch with almost everyone I clicked with from college because we play warzone together every couple days.

  12. Hmm, interesting, very similar to me. Anyone who I stayed friends with, I clicked with practically instantly

  13. I used to think if I spent enough time with someone they'd eventually become my friend but I learned in college that there are certain people I just can't fuck with.

  14. My main goal is to have my own business where I build something of quality at a reasonable price. I want to be like a shopkeeper NPC from an RPG. Also get married, maybe have kids, and live close to my friends. I am a simple man

  15. Hiki was the autistic dating app. I noticed there weren't many people on it. I live in a fairly rural area so that might've been an issue but I've heard that even in cities there are hardly any people using it.

  16. Can you give an example of specific movements that feel extra rigid?

  17. Sometimes my walking, some arm movements, how I sit a lot of the time, even how I talk, and a lot of my hand movements.

  18. When I was in my teens I could relate to this. Once I started getting more into fitness and got older I stopped being as rigid. You could try what yoga like the other person on here was saying mixed with some calisthenics.

  19. I love my Jabra Elite 75Ts. They stay in my ear really well during runs and don't hurt my ear holes.

  20. Also would say if you're totally new to working out, watch some YouTube videos on proper form and have a plan for what exercises you're going to do prior to arriving at the gym. If you familiarize yourself with the machines and equipment before you get there, you'll feel a lot more confident.

  21. 100%. I was a lot better this time and was able to escalate to physical intimacy on the first date. I don't flirt very well but I was direct and said what I wanted to do and it worked. I read a book on attraction before the date and it echoed exactly what you're saying.

  22. Do share the book if you dont mind im always down to read material on this type of stuff

  23. I love mine. What side and weight are you wanting? I may be able to recommend one.

  24. For size I'd like it to be big enough to drape over my full sized bed, not just cover the top. What weight do you recommend? I'm 6ft tall and weigh 185lbs.

  25. Idk mine just came to me when I was younger than I can remember. I learned that sharks existed and have been hooked ever since. I found more interests later but that one's been the longest and most consistent.

  26. Other humans are like medicine that tastes really bitter, but without it one feels malnourished. At my worst I went to the mall just to look at people, it didn't help much, but it did help.

  27. If I feel comfortable I'll talk forever but if I haven't known you for years il probably overthink when the right time to talk is, accidentally interrupt you, realize what I did, resume overthinking in silence. So exhausting!

  28. Yes but I'm nice and cozy under my sheets ready for slumber ☺️

  29. At my last job there was a dude there who was obviously autistic and got ostracized. He would later go on to say some pretty disgusting things, sexually harass the women, and was a racist cunt. Before we learned he was a complete cocksucker nobody could really quantify what they didn't like about him. It'd be all these small things that were pretty innocuous objectively.

  30. Yeah keep working out and eat a fuck ton of food. I do my diet like this: 20% of my plate is starchy carbs, 40% meat, and 40% vegetables/fruit. You can find great resources on YouTube for all this stuff. I've never heard of that research you brought up but I wouldn't worry about it. Do the same shit NTs do when they want to get stronger, be consistent, and you'll improve.

  31. I know exactly what you mean. I think it's because during normal conversations, a lot of people don't care about having objective understanding of things and talk just to talk.

  32. You'd be surprised how many NTs don't have any real friends. It's a huge problem for all of society. A lot of people live their lives with only superficial work friends. I honestly don't know what I would do if I didn't have my friendships.

  33. Happy birthday! Hope the people in your life make you feel appreciated and loved!

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