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  1. As a former Browns fan, pls no OBJ. Dude is the definition of me not we

  2. I hope it’s Chark. That guys just released Goff’s best throws from this past season and over half were to Chark.

  3. “My life is difficult and I refuse to change it so everyone else’s life should be difficult as well”

  4. Lmao while you're a pencil pusher who does less work than a teenager at McDonald's

  5. Tell me you're an insecure man without telling me you're an insecure man...

  6. As insecure as a desk jocky who spends more than half their day on reddit? Maybe we should start with regulations that help hard working individuals who actually provide for society. Instead we cater to crybaby slackjaws because they were able to go to school for 4 years.

  7. as a lions fan people realllly overrate how "good" our defense was down the stretch. what really happened was that we often got turnovers while our opponent still was able to drive down the field. only really, fully good defensive games we had were like the closer @ Green Bay, vs Chicago, and vs. Jags.

  8. Facing the Bears twice and the Jets will really help the DVOA

  9. Meh, I've definitely met teenage girls who actively seek out older guys because they think it makes them more mature than their peers who date "boys". I judge them.

  10. lmfao i eat meat but nothing they said is false. why shit on them for having a damn-near objectively correct stance??

  11. I can't think of anyone who eats meat that acts the way he is portraying someone. The dude is ranting for no reason.

  12. maybe i've been ruined by the internet but imo it seemed too hinged to really qualify as a rant hahaha

  13. Seems as though they see hunting as animal cruelty or they wouldn't have said anything. What they said was very obtuse.

  14. Onions have layers. Chipotle has layers. Rodgers situation has layers. You get it. They all have layers.

  15. It's all dog round this mug, don't let these tears fool you

  16. He's not a big name, but man, when he was out there last year, the DL felt much different.

  17. Yeah, that's how the government takes money out of circulation. Thanks for proving his point.

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