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  1. I worked for CVS We got robbed, the idiot supervisor gave the robber HIS money so that cvs wouldn’t “lose theirs” Like cvs would even notice 2-3k missing, this idiot gave up like 200 I think

  2. Good thing it's not a necessity to live in a brand new condo, complete with rooftop hot tubs and a turf dog run. This and condos like it aren't the only option for homebuyers, and frankly, it's misleading to post stuff like this. Look outside of town with patience, and you'll find much more reasonable prices. For example, 6694 Pierce Rd near Kingsley was just listed two days ago for $200k, and it has TWO move-in ready homes on the property.

  3. No one said it was a necessity. There's a pretty wide range between this new development and the listing you provided. Who wants to live in a mobile home near Kingsley? Did you even look at the listing photos? That property needs some TLC.

  4. Just like 100s of downtowns throughout the world, and waterfront property throughout the world. Strange post by OP…..Breaking News: “desirable real estate is too expensive for many people!”. Luckily, within a 20 min drive (60 min bike ride)of downtown there are innumerable properties that are affordable for anyone that can deal with a roommate like generations of young people have done while saving.

  5. This doesn't sound very appealing; can we please get a legit Korean BBQ joint??

  6. no she doesn't. it's all downhill from 35. society lies about this because biology doesn't align with current social norms.

  7. ...the point is she's 22 and still has plenty of time. Too young to be panicking over marriage.

  8. I miss Chicago so much. I have a place in Holiday Hills, wanna trade places?? lol. But in all honesty, good luck. Finding daycare and housing is a bit of a nightmare. If you have a sizeable budget, the housing issue is probably less of a concern.

  9. 5’9 and 150 is a bit thin imho. And your boobs are proportional to your weight. So your dude has the issue. Not you. Nor should you need to be degraded unless that is your kink (no shame in that game). It’s unfortunate that your self image suffers because your partner can’t get out of his own head.

  10. Absolutely not, last year I paid way less than that for my '18 GSW with far fewer miles.

  11. I knew what this was going to be before I even scrolled down to the image, lmfao

  12. Come on, pho ≠ ramen. I really wanted to like The Good Bowl but they have some of the worst pho I've ever had.

  13. I get that, but it depends if your role is one to support or he is asking you to do things outside of your responsibilities of your position. If the later, go to your supervisor or HR about the issue.

  14. Even in a support role you shouldn't have to repeatedly show a coworker how to do basic tasks. It's 2023, everyone in the office should know how to work in Excel and convert their own PDFs by now.

  15. lmao this entire post is one massive humblebrag. $210k gross for 2022, maxing retirement, then complaining that you only go out to eat once a month and haven't done any home updates. Talk about first world problems. You make more than literally >90% of Americans, any financial stress you're under is of your own making. This sub is wild.

  16. If I didn't play guitar I probably wouldn't listen to them, personally. I love the technical playing and the harmonies, but even sometimes from a musical perspective there are songs that don't pass the sniff tests of great songs. The Audacity is a perfect song where they layer so many different rhythms and melodies but somehow still leave space for every instrument. Then there are songs like ABC where there is a great song structure but the parallel motion makes the song sound cluttered at times. Then there are songs like GOAT where it feels like the song lacks a major motif. Then again, there are songs like Yas which are such easy listening and so perfectly written that anybody could grasp onto. All in all, it is musicians music, and I do believe they will eventually crack the code to make it fully mainstream. This recent album will give them a lot of data to work with on where to go next.

  17. idk about Sparks, but I wasn't impressed with Pangea's. Pizza came out undercooked and was overpriced for the overall quality. Cicero's Pizza is one of my favorites, and if you want Detroit style, try Charles & Reid.

  18. I like Charles and Reid, Spanglish and Samsara. Pleasanton bakery had awesome pizza, but the last time we visited they were closed. Anyone know if they plan to reopen?

  19. Samsara is fantastic! As an East-sider I just wish they weren't all the way out in Chums, lol.

  20. Might want to call Mt. Holiday before you head out because I saw on Facebook that they wouldn't be open this week.

  21. Mine must be broken then… turn it on and it’s just loud until you turn it off?! No water ever came out, but a few videos I had watched said it took some time at the beginning 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. Sorry to revive this but after unboxing, it took mine over 2 minutes for water to come out. I kept turning it off thinking it wasn't working and then I came to Reddit, lol. Hopefully yours wasn't broken!

  23. Interesting. It's the norm in the US, very convenient and a great first job for teenagers as its pretty hard to mess up, but genuinely helpful and low stress

  24. At this point most shops have phased out baggers. I don't remember the last time someone else bagged my groceries.

  25. Which country are you in? It's still the norm in the US as I said, don't really remember the last time I was in a store without baggers

  26. I'm guessing it's regional as I've lived in six different states and none of the grocery stores have had baggers since I was a child.

  27. I highly doubt you can get takoyaki anywhere near this area, lol. Would be pretty cool though. If you wanna head to Grand Rapids, try Sapporo or Sushi Kuni.

  28. We still using Rotten Tomatoes? Not saying it's good but seriously?

  29. The home was under a mortgage, technically owned by the bank. No one out there provides a service of letting people who don't pay their mortgage stay in their house. The people who donate to them know that they provide homes to people who buy them...

  30. The property was foreclosed on by the City of Ithaca for unpaid property taxes. They did not default on a mortgage.

  31. They bought the home legally. They family failed to pay their mortgage and defaulted on their obligations.

  32. Had nothing to do with mortgage foreclosure. The owner failed to pay their property taxes and Habitat for Humanity purchased the house from the City of Ithaca following tax foreclosure.

  33. Sounds like Michigan, I second this. Decent healthcare and can find nice starter homes around that price.

  34. Where in Michigan can you find sub $100k houses that aren't a complete dump/fixer-upper project? Not trying to be rude, just curious. I'm in Traverse City so that price point seems improbable.

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