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  1. It's a parable in story form without reference to any historical personage... How could Abraham be alive in heaven, since Jesus clearly stated that up to the time Jesus related the parable, no one had gone to heaven? (John 3:13 - Moreover, no man has ascended into heaven but the one who descended from heaven, the Son of man) also.. how would a single drop of water bring relief to a man burning in literal fire?

  2. We're living in it. Hell is defined as a place without god, or an absence of light.

  3. Ah, wasn’t my intention, apologies. I just feel objectively your points on the series had a solid basis, but for comedy it was entirely the opposite, still this leaves us at an impasse.

  4. I genuinely don’t think RWBY was ever really “good” aside from volume 3. My one issue is I’m afraid that they’re going to focus the rest of the show on Weiss’s dream.

  5. Rarely, humans are social creatures. You'd need that part of your brain to be broken to not experience loneliness. It's something you'd have to be born with, not something you could learn.

  6. Hell being eternal torture Is a common belief that doesn’t have much evidence supporting it within Christianity aside from the book of revelations which is debatable. It’s something more common in other religions including Islam.

  7. Loved doing this myself, even better when a homeless man/women comes in and there’s extra food to give.

  8. Compulsion is not addiction. You need physicsl withdrawal symptoms for it to count.

  9. The story is cool in terms of ideas and the lore they have dug down, and I do like ACs themes and how applicable they are to real life, but the story being told the way it is and the mediocre writing of almost every character makes the story no more then “That’s interesting.”

  10. It's bascially post-apocalyptic/cyberpunk libertarian transhumanist anarcho-capitalistic dystopia. The main focus is obviously badass mechs and cool stuff that you do with them. Not much info is given about the history or the stuff that's happening unless it more or less directly affects you and/or your mech.

  11. As long as you tell the kid not to feel bad and he’s safe, I think this is actually quite funny.

  12. Wait i thought acv and acvd are sequels after ac4/fa timeline

  13. ACs lore on the surface sounds incredibly cool, but the level of depth is very shallow and not explored enough.

  14. It feels rushed in a lot of scenes, the characters look way worse, the voice acting is bad and they replaced the good music, I feel like I won't watch it

  15. I very much preferred the English voice actors of the original

  16. Blinks God in Heaven, if they depict Bats and Supes being lectured by these pretentious, self-righteous little brats...

  17. You can have sex, but just be sure to ONLY focus on your wife during it, if you start thinking about other women in the process, then that’s a problem.

  18. as long as Americans have McDonalds, alcohol, entertainment, and sports to keep them docile and distracted nothing will change

  19. The best argument by far is that "god" is poorly defined. Some people worship the sun. The sun objectively exists. Therefore some people have a god that objectively exists. We simply don't all agree on whether or not the sun qualifies as a god.

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