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  1. But it is God approved otherwise how would the almighty let this hoax go on for long?!?! Huh! huh! huh! /s (obligatory before Reddit burns me to hell with the thumbs down and does their deed with my in box!!!)

  2. You two should talk about it. Whether it was a fling moment between two very trusted friends or if you had feelings buried underneath and where you want to go from here

  3. Not all. In my home country (Philippines), it's pretty much tolerated.

  4. Which is honestly surprising to me because I’ve heard so many men go to the Phillipines for traditional women, no idea how BS that is

  5. Well you brought up democracy even though it’s irrelevant in woman’s rights.

  6. Ehh not really. Democracy directly correlates with women’s rights as it requires multiple nations to work together to reach a similar common goal and that plays directly into foreign policy, most oppressive countries to women are not democracies.

  7. This flash would have hunted down the other villains since they’re supposed to be dead multiple times over.

  8. Prigozhin is a shitpile with some small ingredients of based here and there that are barely edible.

  9. Oh no, I took the video from internet lol and just wanted to focus on the action. That's why

  10. Vietnam very likely would not have been capitalist, believe it or not, if not for the war.

  11. you just baldly stated something that isn't true without offering any evidence I don't know how to argue with that

  12. He said their hasn’t been a warrior class in 400 years, which outside of third world nations, is true, you’re the one who needs evidence proving that.

  13. Kazakhstan has backstabbed Putin at every possible turn this entire war, I don’t say that to demean, it’s actually admirable.

  14. I agree. I really liked her as a villain..and wait, is that cecile?God my..i thought she came much later in the series.

  15. His superpower was being a single dad to 2 children. I mean, those kids got married but nobody's perfect.

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