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  1. I might have to go back and try to watch it. I dunno why but I just wasn’t really interested enough to watch the series, barely made it through some of the first episode.

  2. Nice, nice 👍 and question on the handheld you have it on - did it come with games included or did you have to install them yourself?

  3. I honestly wish Disney would revisit these shows and give them additional seasons or at the very least, a closing/last season or a one-off special. I would have loved to see what Season 3 of Avengers: EMH would have been like. I know that these shows didn’t last because of them not seeing enough toys and merchandise but in this current world of streaming, they could be very profitable.

  4. I loved Avengers: EMH but after watching Spectacular Spider-Man, that would be a very close second to both of them. I really wish Disney+ would do additional seasons for those two shows.

  5. I actually want Ned to eventually embrace his Hobgoblin persona. We got a glimpse of it a bit in NWH. I think they should visit it a bit, slowly get him to get hooked on magic to the point it becomes a problem , and Peter has to confront him. It could be like when Willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer was confronted by Buffy and the Scoobies when she started getting hooked on black magic and they had that big showdown between her & Buffy.

  6. In the comics, I don't trust anyone who says theyre on iron man's side tbh

  7. Facts, I was the same way in the comics. I always felt like IM’s side made no sense to me. He was a man who the whole world knew he and IM was one and the same, he had no family or loved ones that needed protection and he had the vast resources to protect himself. But what people like Peter Parker, or others like him that didn’t have those same resources and had family like Aunt May & MJ who his enemies would go after once they found out who he was behind the mask. I get the wanting heroes to be held to some form of accountability, especially after the Springfield incident. But, you didn’t need to do it that way.

  8. Like everyone said, check the ports and replace the cord. And make sure not to buy a cheap one, either get the official Apple one or one of those braided ones. I use the braided and so far it’s been pretty good to me.

  9. Reading through the comments it really sounds like Namor did his thing and so did Shuri. Also, is it safe to say that the latter is the one who took up the BP mantle?

  10. Namor and T'Challa HATE each other in the comics but often have to work together anyway because politics, it's a super interesting dynamic.

  11. I have not watched this series, but your post has piqued my interest. I love Deadpool, but I always get a kick out of cameos. Thank you!

  12. It’s actually a really good series, the last season was kinda meh but for the most part it was very comic book accurate.

  13. More storage, better Google Play Store, better gaming options. New look, and a better remote with built-in keyboard.

  14. I love Tivimate just the way it is. I wish there was an iOS version of it, would love to have it on my Apple TV. Oh well, maybe one day.

  15. I actually have all 3 in some version or another. I like them for various reasons. I love the Shield because the UI is clean and I love that I can expand the storage pretty easy. I love the Fire TV Cube but it mostly I use it as an Alexa device and stream from it from time to time. I love my Apple TV 4, I have the OG version. It’s clean and I love that I can pretty much mirror anything from any of my Apple devices - phone, iPad, etc. I have the Apple TV in my living room, the Shield in my master bedroom, and the Fire TV Cube in one of my guest bedrooms.

  16. For me, I used to keep it simple with my daughter & my nephews & nieces when I had all 5 together. I would do hamburger helper cause that lasts a couple of days before they either ate it all or got sick of it or homemade fried chicken & steak fries or some other side.

  17. If your therapy is through your EAP at your job, then you should not have to disclose where or when you are going to therapy. It’s protected and should not be up for any discussion. As long as your immediate manager is made aware, then you should be good.

  18. Why is nvidea shield not supported?

  19. Probably because they know people are going to share logins and use the app on their streaming devices.

  20. I’m sincerely sorry for the losses that the families have suffered for these recent tragedies. I’m a father, so I know how I would feel if I ever had to bury my daughter, as no parent ever wants to do that.

  21. I personally would not do it. I would just make sure to use energy efficiency lighting, using the energy efficiency settings on your AC or central air unit, and make sure that your meter is working properly. That’s all I been doing for years, and I stay in an older house with a big AC window unit but my bill usually stays the same about 110-135 at most during the summer and about less than half of that the rest of the year.

  22. Don’t do it. Find out what the historical usage has been and budget for that. We see far too many posts about people thinking level billing has them covered then they get a massive 4-figure “catch up” bill because Entergy didn’t estimate correctly.

  23. Agreed, I wouldn’t do it, especially if you are a low usage customer and/or if you reside in an apartment setting

  24. You have to download and install the source extensions separately into the app.

  25. Yeah she was right by my barber shop and the Red Stick Social club by the track. I heard about it from my barber yesterday, damn shame. Like someone else said, may have been a case of being mistaken for someone else. I personally think it was either someone who maybe she encountered when she was out with her friends that maybe she turned down. It just feels too personal to be random. Damn shame.

  26. That 2nd sentence was a nightmare, dude

  27. Kinda…are you saying that the tickets should be enforced, so that the revenue is higher, so the city will have more money? If so, I agree

  28. I guess. The point I was saying, they need to do something with them, either way.

  29. While I’m glad for the two schools to have finally came together on the field, as a SU alum, I was disappointed that we didn’t do as well I would have hoped. I’m was expecting to beat them but I wasn’t expecting 65-17 either. It it what it is, at the end of the day, it was a good look for the schools and the city.

  30. It’s fake, cause if your Apple Music is tied to your other subscriptions, none of them would go through,assuming you use the same billing information.

  31. I’ve seen them at certain Walmart locations, every one and a while. They were actually pretty reasonable, like 169.00 or something like that.

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