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  1. Long ago, the grandson of King Aðel built a mead hall in a valley. Its foundations were made of stone, its walls and roof were made out of hardened oak, reinforced with iron. It was surrounded by a wooden palisade, within its yard are a guest house, a pig farm and a small chapel to the gods. The Hreþganian was mentioned in the poem "Tale of Bravery", as King Gynan's seat; full of wealth, its tables were always full of food and drinks, served in golden and silver plates and goblets, decorated with jewelry. On the walls hung banners, weapons and shields, all trophies, each telling a story. King Gynan loved stories. Among the most famous guests of the Hreþganian is Ulebryht, the hero that wields Gyldenhorn and Fiþruhelm.

  2. I like it! Your description is well thought-out. I am wondering though, is this a fantasy world or more like an alternate history?

  3. The German word for valley or glen is Tal, so I wonder if they took that and added an a.

  4. look with debug mode on, how much base health he has, i guess he have over 10, and with ek2 health buffs and magical stuff humans can live more than 150 years...

  5. I started a new run as Angromir Wenayalae; a Mathmeldi ruler in eastern Valenwood. Gonna try to forge a strong bloodline of wizards, and reclaim Ald Cyrod

  6. בצבא - אני: מפ מטומטם: כן מה נעשה ריצת 10,000 למה לא בעצם אני: מה ממ: טוב נתחיל ככה ב6,000 ואז נעלה את זה כל פעם אני: באלי למות

  7. You dont wanna know how many Emperors of Byzantine there were up to that point

  8. sorts by controversial

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