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god how does a business run when this is their public attitude lmao.

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  1. Yes. We did that. But everytime we died we had to turn it back off and would forget.

  2. Bro get some potions or meads or whatever why do you have black marble in your hot bar?

  3. It’s heathy without the butter but why clog up your arteries like that on purpose?

  4. That’s not how that works. Arterial damage is caused by inflammation from sugar. Dietary fat doesn’t clog arteries like grease down a drain pipe.

  5. Yeah I’m not gonna argue with you I know how much butter he is eating and that’s definitely filling his arteries up.

  6. You use it to move animals into areas for taming and also to move your tames that won’t follow you or can’t be ridden.

  7. The elder is what you seek bring an offering of its child and you will find the answer you seek.

  8. Imagine paying for a game to do shit like this in your free time

  9. This is my exact response to anyone being toxic or selling in my games. “Dude you literally paid money to act this way?”

  10. Sure. Let’s call it a 95/5 split. For every 95 good Democrats there are 5 good Republicans.

  11. I climb up one of those unbreakable fallen trees, and fire arrow them down.

  12. That takes forever I can kill an abomination in less than a minute with a sword

  13. It doesn’t, can’t you see no one works for them, that’s why they’re complaining.

  14. You have the biggest mental health issues I’ve ever seen. It’s time to put Reddit down mate, talk to a therapist.

  15. I literally just use a portal to place my stone in my storage cause I be building.

  16. So when the employees at Netflix tried to get Chapelle’s special pulled, were they just all in on the grift? How about when Roseanne got booted off her own show? Seems like you’ve got selective memory.

  17. Very true. It's just difficult to outfit yourself for another attack right where you died before.

  18. I can't even imagine what it's like to be one of the guys with this fantasy. "Was, at some point, willing to have sex with my dad" is a pretty huge turn-off for me. Marrying him is even worse. /shudder

  19. Like seriously who really wants to bag their stepmom? I don’t even wanna live with mine.

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