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  1. i had no idea they can be different!! my alternative is arctic monkeys and my pop is dua lipa

  2. isn’t it just a reverb of ‘works in a petrol station’? that’s what i’ve always heard 😅

  3. skinty fia is my favourite album of theirs, honestly my favourite album of the last 5 years. they’re supporting AM on their usa tour this year too :)) particularly love ‘i love you’ and ‘bloomsday’, ‘jackie down the line’ is a banger

  4. you, ped pambles, nish kumar, and romesh ranganathan in a four piece band. who plays what and what’s the genre of music?

  5. Have you been to the rooftop bar / cinema at Curtin House. The bookshop on 3F is pretty rad and free to browse.

  6. re: cinema nova - it’s $7 before 4pm then it’s $10 😍 source: i’ve spent the last three mondays there watching a couple of films at a time haha

  7. i work in a nice restaurant in fitzroy, i usually just skip past the tip screen when taking payments unless it’s a large table or i’ve given particularly outstanding service (a special something for a birthday, anniversary, entertain their kids etc.). also the owner takes 20% of the card tips and i want him to get the least amount of money possible bc he’s a dick - i just pocket the cash tips i get and buy my colleagues a round at the weekend

  8. Hot Fuzz, Clerks, Dazed and Confused, This Is Spinal Tap, The Big Lebowski, The Royal Tenenbaums.

  9. we have the exact same taste. these are my fave comedies 🤌 some days i just put hot fuzz on repeat

  10. i like it less and less with each listen 😩 the only songs i listen to now are mirrorball and hello you. body paint has become my least favourite track - it was my second in the first few months post release. much prefer it live.

  11. i’m still having the issue of it not scrobbling songs in my library when it was before. not sure what’s changed?

  12. If you are using an iOS device, was there an iOS update recently? This might have disabled your Apple Music listening history which is necessary to scrobble with the official

  13. my listening history is still on, just updated my software to see if that would fix the issue so will see later today after i’ve listened to some stuff. thanks :)

  14. would love turning the tables to do it 😭 i reckon the dad would go insane over the drumming, he loved it in fwn

  15. i love how much jcc loves alex. must be surreal to alex, a truly positive version of a ‘meet your heroes’ story

  16. i love how much jcc loves alex. must be surreal to alex, a truly positive version of a ‘meet your heroes’ story

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