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18 year old HS student says he’s not feeling well and can’t play kickball, Student Resource Officer arrives and student is now facing multiple charges after being arrested and pepper sprayed

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  1. They should have pretty good footage considering the women on the left has a fancy camera. Plot twist, she is also a pervert?!

  2. Gotta call that creep out taking pictures

  3. With this title I was expecting the Jesus that noped the fuck out after being whipped in a play

  4. I feel like everyone is acting like the broadcast message about human trafficking is normal. I have never once heard that message at an airport. Which isn’t to say it’s not important but god damn Florida, get your shit together.

  5. Not only is this a repost but it’s a shitty version of the original that cuts out everything

  6. "just because it wasn't good doesn't mean it was bad." is about the worst way to justify why an absolute garbage episode was 'okay.' This episode was objectively trash, I'm sorry. They could have done funnier jokes, or worked harder on the message, just something better then what was made. They're running the show into the ground.

  7. You’re saying a lot while at the same time not backing up anything you have to say. You’re acting like you’re giving constructive criticism but you haven’t said how they can improve. Saying they can be funnier without citing a joke that didn’t land or a better joke that could’ve fit a scene would be constructive, you’re just looking for a reason to bitch.

  8. Hope you get your account back. Obligatory waiting for smackdown if untrue.

  9. I’m shocked I haven’t seen any “It’s just pixels bro” type comments.

  10. Why is episode three rated to low? Is this scale to this season to the series overall?

  11. I reacted way more to Bethic Twinstinct. When it cut to the kids around the dinner table I laughed the hardest I've laughed this season.

  12. That moment might have been the hardest I’ve ever laughed at the series. The cut from Jerry saying he’ll allow it to mortys mortified face brought me to tears.

  13. A 16-top 30 minutes before close? Fuck no these people are at the lowest level dickheadery achievable

  14. With a big a party as they were, in more ways than one, I’m surprised they only had a 400-500 bill. Especially when they’re saying everyone was ordering expensive items.

  15. I blame the shopkeeper for having the cleanest Bodega windows ever.

  16. It means a footballs pussy. Get your mind out of that pair of socks and into the gutter with the rest of us you pervert.

  17. Disappointed. Thought this was about prime rib.

  18. Follow up: I went to outback to do some reconnaissance. I ordered a rack of ribs and when the waitress brought them over I asked which one is prime. She said, “They’re all delicious!”

  19. You know an 18 year old is also a teenager, right? Your correction wasn’t really necessary and would’ve made more sense had I said adult vs a minor but adult vs teenager is still true.

  20. It was intentionally making it seem like he was still a child especially when the words you used to describe the other person involved were "grown ass man". You were being deceitful in your wording so I can only assume you're a shitty person, well that and the pedantry.

  21. He is a teenager, it’s not deceitful if it’s true. He is not a grown ass man as men generally continue to grow well into their 20s. There’s no such thing as a grown ass teenager. I could have said the teenaged high schooler and it would still be true.

  22. It’s concerning he has a wheelchair while being quite nimble. Tact on the fact that he might be drunk, am I the only one wondering where he got this from?

  23. I honestly gotta know did you see people commenting that they were confused still, or do you actually think someone sat through this entire video and still didn't get it?

  24. I cried a little when he was talking about half of 64 being 32. Then adding the 3 makes her 35 again.

  25. Thanks smart ass… Why aren’t there infinite Diane’s? There’s infinite everyone else.

  26. Okay but it was hilarious when she said there’s a lot of bad karma coming your way, “words are power motherfucka.”

  27. Damn, if you remember what video it's from, can you drop a link?

  28. Well now you’re just being an obtuse butthole. This doesn’t sound too unreasonable and kind of similar to the streamer YouTube Ludwig who was recently swatted, again. If anything Ludwig’s version is much more intrusive as they went through his entire house guns out and ready.

  29. I once pulled over on the side of the road to help a guy collect three pieces of 4x8 3/4” plywood that the wind pulled off his trailer. I grew up in the the country. It’s just what you do. My city raised girlfriend was very concerned that I stopped and was very impressed that I helped…. It’s not like this guy asked him to go home and install the tv for him. Is it really common for someone to tell you to piss off if you ask them for help like that in the city? I still live in a town of 200 people. Closest city with 10k plus people is about a 70 minute drive for me. We take care of each other because there are not a lot of us out here.

  30. I once tried to help someone who seemed stuck at a gas station with their car. Everyone ignored him but I decide see to help, he didn’t speak English and the language barrier made things difficult. I thought he was asking us to push him out of the gas station and into a parking spot. I was sorely mistaken as he wanted me and others who joined the cause to push his minivan several blocks to his house.

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