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  1. He’s just using you for your body heat. He’s a cute little heat vampire though.

  2. Judging by how thick the pieces are that flip up, probably no more than 3 in / 76 mm. This isn’t an actual icebreaker ship. Those actually ride up on the ice and crack it with the weight of the bow.

  3. Nope, Kelvin-verse sucks. Crew was great, and I love virtually all starships but the Konnie is not one of them. AND they gave us the abomination that is the Vengeance.

  4. if you ever visit you gotta stop at bubba gumps, its like this restaurant based around forrest gump they have downright impeccable food

  5. You're trolling people right? Bubba Gump's is a tourist trap and chain restaurant all over the place, with mediocre food at best. Going there would be like going to the Olive Garden that's in Times Square, when you have Little Italy just a few subway stops away.

  6. I almost reached when I read that. They closed the one on Front Street in Lahaina and threatened us with an Olive Garden. The building is probably too old for a remodel. Tg!

  7. That being said, I do have a soft spot for the Cheeseburgers in Paradise that's there, but that is mostly for the view, not the burgers.

  8. I’ll take that bet, meet here in 500 years to settle up?

  9. Sure. I'll be driving the DeLorean with the Mr. Fusion on the back.

  10. She’s gonna need like 2 or 3 of those sticks for a single headache!

  11. Star Trek Online. While it is an MMO, it actually isn’t much of one. Just running through the story missions and leveling up your ships/Captain will take you a while. It got me through the COVID years.

  12. I used to do that to my students for giggles. I once did it where is spelled ‘Dead Dad’ a few times!

  13. This sub is for real cats. She is quite obviously a meerkat. I'll let it slide this time. Only because she is super cute.

  14. They also had them in Starship Troopers too.

  15. You are their 'side piece'. Get some extra lovin's and skritches from you then go back for some from their main family. Gotta hustle for them pets.

  16. Looks SOOOOOOO velvety! Give them a smooch on the noggin for me please.

  17. Very pretty girl. Give her a boop on the snoot and some extra ear skritches!

  18. Nah, I liked Bonnie Franklin as the mom Ann. Sorry, have a thing for redheads.

  19. PA says that these are a flight of C-130s, T-37s, and two weather balloons.

  20. Sure, if you get a second job at Panda Express! Unless you are an O like I was, then you get to swim in the cash.

  21. Sure am glad that I'm not allergic to werewolf dander, I'd hate to be allergic to myself... um, some completely fictional creature, not me. Though I do have a funny reaction to silver.

  22. There is a reason why there is a brothel next to every infantry barrack in germany

  23. I saw Sam Kinison there back in the day. Used to go to Salem Mall all the time too. That whole area seems to be screwed now. TBF I haven’t been by there in years.

  24. This is also a really old joke. I forget which comedian said it but she’s stealing their set.

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