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  1. Prof. X didn't have an mcu variant yet, did he?

  2. Ah feck* off, I like that game a lot mechanically; enough to join the modding scene for it.

  3. yes, it makes no sense. Because it was a crummy retcon.

  4. Isn’t that Archie? One of the times he snapped?

  5. Not sure if Resident Evil Village counts, but the soundtrack in that is fantastic, especially the Chris section, Heisenberg battle and the finale.

  6. I saw it. I thought most of it was great, but I did not appreciate the parts that focused on the human characters. The ones that were semi-important to the plot went on for way too long, and the ones that weren't didn't even need to be there in the first place, and felt like their sole function was to pad runtime.

  7. Totally what I'm thinking with the music. It's like the X-Men without their colourful costumes. Two movie franchises starring James Marsden where they take away part of the appeal of the actual source material. They had Green Hill Zone, though! ;D

  8. So I’m going to say something that may sound spoilery but it’s just theory and speculation.

  9. Stephen Amell would be cool, Dylan Sprouse is surprisingly close to a Shadow voice, but Jason Griffith would be amazing. Christian Bale, though...

  10. First 2D Sonic game I played was Sonic Advance a long time ago, then only just played 1 and 2 recently on mobile (best ports IMO). Haven't finished 3 yet, but Mania is a great one too.

  11. The snowboarding scenes giving off some big Sonic Riders vibes

  12. I love these! They look like sketches from John Smith's book from Human Nature, especially the first one. So cool!

  13. They don't really have to put IX in and I hope they don't. Or they could just call it Resident Evil IX and bring back 9 of the fan favourite characters.

  14. Was Milla Jovovich that bad? I don't really remember the movies lmao

  15. Others have suggested that the symbiote is part of a multiversal hive mind. So Tom Hardy's symbiote knows Peter because Topher Grace's knows him.

  16. It doesn’t necessarily have to be NYC. Oscorp could run under the guise of a middling tech company somewhere else, with a lot of sketchy shit going on. Would give them an excuse to visit a different city again.

  17. Oscorp's based in an underground lab in Texas, where Matthew McConnaughey walks around looking at all of the projects and saying, "Alright, alright, alright!"

  18. Loved the scene where Garfield and Tobey first meet, when they stare at each other in disbelief, drop the same move and have that really small scrimmage felt really awesome.

  19. Apart from The Final Chapter, they’re some of my favourite action movies. They’re not good Resident Evil movies, but they’re fucking entertaining zombie action movies.

  20. Final Chapter is my guilty pleasure, to be honest. It makes hardly any sense and it's so random but it's so action packed and ridiculous, I can't help but watch.

  21. He actually met Jovovich while making the film, so it wasn’t about him casting his wife. Also it was Capcom’s decision not to have an established character as protagonist, because they didn’t want it to negatively effect what they could do with the games (like switch main characters each title, or introduce new ones). Anderson originally wrote RE1 to take place concurrent with the events of the games, basically telling another in-universe story. That’s why why Alice emerges into a post-outbreak Racoon City.

  22. Honestly, the first movie is genuinely awesome to me as a fan of the games; it doesn't step on the toes of the games too much but still feels like Resident Evil and it has the action and horror you want from a movie with that name.

  23. When we say Claire's contact in the sell i was desperately hoping for him to back up and have the fist of Mr. X burst through ans crush his head

  24. Either the Tyrant or Mr. X would've honestly made the movie a 10/10 for me. Just to add that little bit more tension for Leon and Claire to get the hell out of the city.

  25. I still have no idea what was going on or how anything was resolved.

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