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Biden cancels $10,000 in federal student loan debt for most borrowers


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  1. Removed all color from hand and used masking with curves and hue layers to achieve the white look.

  2. I thought Melon went easy with the score. The album when compared to Francis, De-Loused is like a 4 or light 5. Totally forgettable. Listened to it twice and don't remember any of it. Not bad, but not good. Francis I listened to and dissected for 3 years routinely, De-Loused the same.

  3. Nobody will agree with you because this is a die-hard Mars Volta sub. The album was good,as far as single songs that I can take from it there is a bunch, but 2/3s of it I forgot already.

  4. As a single dad, I think he was written well. There are no perfect fathers, but Rebecca wrote a realistic and supportive, albeit airheaded, great father.

  5. My brother got me tickets to see this on their US tour, and still in of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life. I would again and gladly pay whatever they cost it’s such a fucking experience.

  6. Probably because I’m old and video games aren’t the center of my life. I’m willing to wait and see what happens.

  7. Something doesn’t have to be the center of your life to know it’s a bad deal or know bad practices are happening. Don’t patronize by using your age and values. If it smells like shit, it’s probably shit.

  8. How do you crumble ricotta? Or did you mean feta? Or maybe you just mixed both cheese and red sauce together.

  9. I was one of those angry people, Teen Titans was one of my favorite shows growing up when I was in my teens. So obviously I was mad with the whole rebrand. 10 years later I am giving blood and forced to watch a marathon. I would not stop laughing my ass off for an half an hour.

  10. 4K at 60fps is hard to show off in a Reddit jpeg, but it pisses me off how much they changed her face

  11. Used various layers to create a sense of depth of field.

  12. They peaked with Funeral. That is a 10/10 album.

  13. Idk why suburbs hits me so fucking hard, it was such a love letter to the way I used to live in Venezuela, the other albums were amazing, but then Suburbs happened and I didn’t think they could do such a library of amazing music. It’s to me their magnum opus

  14. Loveeeeee really love the colors in the model and contrast of tones (and texture) in the graphics added to her head

  15. I am def adding more graphical elements in the future, it adds to the vintage feel of it and I don’t have to rely so much on images.

  16. This is stunning, you do beautiful work! Take the time to enjoy everything you create and have fun doing it :)

  17. Something doesn’t make sense here . You have a half a million dollar house on 90k net ? And you have car debt cc debt and student loan debt ? Spouse and I make 100k a year net combined and we are terrified of a 300k home and we have 0 debt

  18. Your worries make sense based on post, but 100k a year for a 300k is acceptable.

  19. We have 1 car payment left and no day care and no cc debt . Our car payment is 500 but it ends next October . At 100k take home I guess I’m nervous about losing my job or something catastrophic happening

  20. Oh that make sense, me and my wife both work so unless we both lose our jobs at the same, that will really put us in a pickle. I’m assuming you are single income and I would be terrified as well.

  21. The Nintendo Mario classics collection, still can’t believe I paid $60 bucks for that, it was not worth it and the whole “limited release” really irked me

  22. Put a throw on their favorite spot, wash it weekly. Cats love you and love warm spots, you can’t stop that behavior, just evade the hair that gets stuck on it.

  23. Way too snail and expensive for those needs.

  24. Expensive? I mean I make roughly 60-100k on commercial work, and it’s tax deductible, whatever makes my job is easier. I am just excited about new tech, I respect your opinion but this is more for professionals.

  25. It’s simply too small for professional 8K editing is all I’m saying and you know that’s true.

  26. Let me explain, In any given project, you would download all assets needed from a storage tower. So we get a lot of files from Red, Blackmagic, and Arri systems to download, but we wouldn’t use an SSD for that, we have a dedicated NAS cloud system so for current or repeat clients the team has access to all the files and resources they need, and those towers can range from 20 to 200 TB depending on the business, ours is 64 and can be upgraded simply by adding more hardrives, very customizable.

  27. What if you literally paid off $5,500 last week like my sister? Is she SOL for doing what she was supposed to do?

  28. Anything you paid out of your own heart after the pause, you may eligible for a refund, but most loan providers are swamped so even if you got them on the line they can’t help, just yet.

  29. I don’t for the life of me understand how peoples renders look so good, but mine always look grainy

  30. I’ve been making art for a while and AI art as a concept is beautiful, well done, and very inspirational.

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