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  1. Well, if she used her brain, she'd realize that it wasn't your average schmuck designing these marvels, your average person from the time would've been just as stupid as today's average person.

  2. Text is fine, itemized list is fine whats not fine is they have to hand over receipts of the repairs

  3. What is a 'pre-move-out inspection"? I've been doing this for a lot of years and I've never heard of any such requirement. We do inspections only after the tenant has vacated.

  4. CA nonsense, easy to hide shit when you shove shit in front of things basically can be a big game of hide and seek that if the LL messes up is shit out of luck

  5. I used to be an oblivious redditor until I took an arrow to the knee

  6. How do I do that when he starts crying (like tears streaming down his face crying) to me? Is that when I just say I don’t want to talk to him?

  7. Elon with the powers Stark created would turn into Homelander overnight.

  8. When elon musk's starts drinking nothing but milk at public appearances I'll worry

  9. Majority rules. Democracy manifest. If we believe that the average person is a malicious idiot then we cannot be surprised when democracies are governed by malicious idiots.

  10. The coke dude at my store seems like he doesn’t like it that much. He also has another job at Home Depot and he says he’s constantly working the two jobs.

  11. Holy hell cause the coke vendors always said they did like 4 12s to do another job on that lol

  12. There still is a signed contract that would have to be dealt with.

  13. True op needs to read it throughout but they can't lien all they could do is take op to small claims for contract violation

  14. I mean anyone can file for a lien but you can challenge it be a fun day in court for them when you file to have the lien removed if they do I'd get a lawyer and sue them for your fees and time too

  15. Dear Mister Applicant - thank you for applying for our rental. At this time we have chosen a different applicant. Sincerely ABC Landlord

  16. This is all or even a simple we have chosen to not move forward with the application. Regardless if they come back and say something to demand something no further communication if they are going to sue they will regardless nothing is gained by giving them anything

  17. I would focus or cite only the financial issues as to the main reason why you are declining their app for the apartment. I believe that is within your right.

  18. Never ever give them a reason. If they want to sue they will and you'll see them in court no reason to supply them any ammo

  19. The main problem with cookie clicker is it’s waiting to get golden cookies. That’s it the whole game turns into waiting til you get 2 golden cookies within a curtain time frame so you can get a insane combo then repeat

  20. Yeah remember that with the og and was a dumb bottle neck then was hoping they solved a lot of the lame stuff but since someone said it's just a port it's not worth even the 2 bucks on sale to me

  21. Probably will get downvoted for this take but I think it's not much different. It gets continuous updates but the game is pretty much still the exact same without much content, tbh and for a game that basically started the incremental craze years and years ago you'd think there would be mountains of content but sadly no. There are just a few new buildings. That's it. I'd thought by now there would be minigames for every building with months and months of new content but nope. I even remember the dungeon minigame that was hyped forever still isn't even out yet.

  22. Haha yeah exactly what I was looking for cause it's so hard for me to come back and pay for something I did for free back in the day and it was a precursor for sure but hoenstly by today's standards cookie clicker would be considered subpar in my book which isnt something id be wanting to pay for.

  23. it takes san francisco 400 days to approve permits to build some apartments but only like 3 weeks to approve operation killer robots

  24. Yup this exactly. Frantically eat grape nuts and think about 9 11 are the best

  25. I can definitely do it... 1 minute to brush, 3 minutes to shave, 4 in the shower. But I've been active duty and in basic training you had 5 minutes, maybe less.

  26. Whose showering and brushing in the morning during basic :P that shits evening shit. Let alone 30 guys fighting over like 8 sinks

  27. Is that what OP said? That they’re a ….. Fed?

  28. Why would a confirmed bachelor like yourself be working at a gay rodeo

  29. Id be more concerned about him paying for porn tbh lol just burning cash

  30. Love people who act like this is a american problem like fascism comes in many forms and is world wide look at Poland

  31. The steps aren't even in a reasonable order in this comic. Starting a business before having an emergency fund?

  32. Family before homeownership too. Like I would love to have a kid but my god it is going to cost more than a mortgage.

  33. Highly recommend what we do in the shadows on Hulu. It’s live action and a newish show about vampires living in present day.

  34. Movie was better. Show started out solid then quickly ran downhill

  35. Small time LL here, its more than just LLs wanting money in fact in the last two years my margins have actually dropped. Taxes and insurances premiums have skyrocketed. Taxes have gone on my units by 40% since two years ago and last year my insurance sent me a letter notifying me they were raising premiums by over 100% lol granted I shopped it back down but had to cut a lot of my policy off even then. So yeah those costs pass through. Also renting always dances around the line of average cost to own. But will also add the times are changing when the moratorium happened a ton of small LLs rolled up shop either cause they got hit with people not paying or just got scared by the government stepping in this caused a huge surge in corps a reits eating up all the space in the market (half the reason I bought at height of covid was because that sector actually ticked down due to supply flood) so between fewer independent owners and the additional perceived risk from covid moratorium and then the former stuff it has all just sent it into over drive. Then this year we have inflation crushing across the board. Our household does ok we both make 30k a year and until this year we lived fine, lived way below means never go out cars are older etc. But this year we are almost paycheck to paycheck. The squeeze is real and honestly not sure what relief is coming even if the fed stops inflation we are already so much higher up are prices really going to come back down? So many things that went up are sticky prices items like food they dont really have elasticity historically

  36. Landlord but $30k/year? Yeah, that ain’t adding up.

  37. 60k a year, expenses are about 35k after 1.5/2 years we had 30k for closing on a duplex at 175k. Again I was focusing on the dip in the market from LLs dumping enmasse, it was height of covid in 2020 I had us pull our money out of the market and this just seemed the best place to stick it. I had a hunch on stocks drop, I had a reason to believe housing was going to continue to rise and 175k even at a conservative 6% gain per year in equity minus the 3% interest is still way more gain than we would ever make pulling 10-15% out of the stock at 30k a year. Borrowing is the only way I found to grow wealth at this level, granted cant beat the interest now so kinda have no clue where to stick money other than Ibonds.

  38. It’s a basic defense mechanism. The internal reasoning is that if they’re just standing their talking friendly to the crazy person then they won’t be targeted. The reaction has nothing to do with her being trans, anyone who’s been in a big city and talked to a random crazy homeless person has probably reacted in a very similar manner.

  39. Your switching between the time context and being the man with the knife, then the man who was almost robbed is baffling.

  40. I own a musket for home defense, since that's what the founding fathers intended. Four ruffians break into my house. "What the devil?" As I grab my powdered wig and Kentucky rifle. Blow a golf ball sized hole through the first man, he's dead on the spot. Draw my pistol on the second man, miss him entirely because it's smoothbore and nails the neighbors dog. I have to resort to the cannon mounted at the top of the stairs loaded with grape shot, "Tally ho lads" the grape shot shreds two men in the blast, the sound and extra shrapnel set off car alarms. Fix bayonet and charge the last terrified rapscallion. He Bleeds out waiting on the police to arrive since triangular bayonet wounds are impossible to stitch up. Just as the founding fathers intended.

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