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I Lost My Child To A Pitbull Attack

I'm in this with you.

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

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  1. Yeah. We had our suspicions, I'm just happy he left feeling loved and warm.

  2. You could try mixing first stage baby cereal in with the goats milk and see if he takes it. They very quickly wean themselves in that 3rd week of life.

  3. I have 3 siblings under the age of five, so I think we might have that. If not, we also have a ton of baby food. We're planning on trying that here in a little bit.

  4. He didn't take too well to the cereal, I'll try again tomorrow with baby food.

  5. I meannnn his whole page is dedicated to porn so I'd assume this person is pretty shameless on all fronts...& backs

  6. Holy hell, an avian!? This is like finding a unicorn!

  7. I feel u sometimes having to get blood transfusions due to all the blood you lost ): I hate cramps they are so painful

  8. I get the hate-sub, but I wouldn't dismiss it like the attacks never happened. There's a reason they're ban in some countries and reason why people are cautious around them. You can love them, but dont pretend the attacks never happened, is what I'm getting from you.

  9. They keep treating it as the breed being the problem and not looking at the owners who don't train them at all or even train them to be agressive, which is the real issue.

  10. I'm actually in the middle with this one, since I read the original post of the father who lost his daughter. I mean no disrespect to you, or the father, but he said that the neighbor's pit was goodly trained and was never seen been aggressive, but just in a snap he lost his daughter. I do agree owners have a big roll on dogs (whichever breed) behaves. But then again, dogs have their own mind. I can't control my dog being scared to thunder and lightning no matter how much I try to soothe her, with pillows and blankets or even covering her ears. She's born and raised in our home. There's got to be a trigger somehow why a Pit would suddenly lunged and attack, even if no one if actively provoking it. I think if that "trigger" does exists, it needs to be identify soon, and if that can be fix out.

  11. Pits don't tend to show irritation or annoyance as easily. So it may seem to look as if they snapped out of nowhere, but they could've been extremely irritated and fed up. Which could've been the case. I have 3 siblings younger than 5 and kids don't respect boundaries like adults do, often ignoring the signs of an obviously pissed off cat/dog until the last second when it snaps and scratches and bites the hell out of the kid. Now imagine that, but the signs are subtle. It's a recipe for disaster. I think that they should've not only trained the dog better but also taught their daughter to better respect the boundaries of animals and people. Not harshing on the family, it's a tragedy (if it even happened, I don't trust that sub anyway)

  12. I have an orange boy named weasely and he's 10 years old!

  13. Tap the top of the can for a bit before opening

  14. That’s not true. Moose are just great swimmers. They can even dive down for plants at the bottom of lakes and rivers

  15. There are no subspecies of humans that i know of.

  16. There was at one point at the dawn of humanity but then homosapiens just killed them off. We're talking neanderthals and possibly even erectus.

  17. Black is not a colour at all. It’s the lack of colour.

  18. There is in fact now an even darker black paint.

  19. 10 hours of the technical difficulties monotone. Aka the color bars sound

  20. When they say compromise, they mean "find a middle ground between two differing things." Not to change who you are.

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