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  1. So NY racing is done after entering like 5 races this season?

  2. John Cohen does this every couple years he enters a ouple cup races and disappears without a trace he will be back in 2 or 3 years

  3. Another driver that this team have ties to is Robby Lyons. Would love to see him in a Cup car and gets a good chance to showcase his skills

  4. Homestead 2016 Xfinity series Elliot Sadler should have won the championship or the year that Kyle Busch took out Ron Hornady Jr when he should have won another truck title

  5. Corey Lajoie Atlanta 2022 or one of the many oval races Juan Pablo Montoya should have won

  6. Josh Reaume dropping the fire suit to become a crew chief now? Interesting

  7. Ill give josh one thing he is a very invested owner/driver being he crew chiefs and spots and drives for his team along with giving young drivers a oppurtunity even if its in junk equipment he also partners with MBM Motorsports to field xfinity cars prepped by them and along with Hezenberg for the cup series where he helps with the pit crew and to build the cars

  8. Elliot Sadler is the best example of dropping down to run for a championship same as Allgaier

  9. The only one I don’t see selling out is Live Fast as Tifft and McLeod seem committed to running a team, albeit on a shoestring budget. I could see the, benefiting when a Dodge or Honda comes in and starts looking for teams to work with. Rick Ware has always seemed like a cash grab as has Spire.

  10. RWR is committed as long as the money is their because Rick Ware is a buisness man a good exampoe is NASCAR Pinty series where they were highly competitive the pulled out this season because their was no more sponsorship available theirfor no longer profitable and Rick Has teams in every form of Motorcross,indycar,imsa

  11. So it’s a KBM truck and they’re using the 30’s owner points?

  12. When i do everything im suppose to download the game and try and open it it says "error config.exe" how can i fix this

  13. There is no telling who will do it their is so many people who have expressed interest in NASCAR it will be more than likely either a F1 or Indycar Driver tho

  14. I'd like to think/wish an SHR lineup in the near future includes at least 1/2 of these candidates- Ben Rhodes, Zane Smith, Ryan Preece, Ricky Stenhouse. Briscoe is a lock in the #14, but once Harvick retires they need a veteran presence like Stenhouse. Custer is a whole different situation, but this is purely just a wishlist.

  15. Honestly Stenhouse wouldnt be a bad desicion because him and Tony both have the open wheel background and Stenhouse has improved alot especially this year majorly outperforming that 47 car i believe this car fits his driving style perfect andbi dont think he would be a championship contender but definitely a 1 or 2 race win kinda driver

  16. Oh I’m not saying she deserves it, but money talks. I’d like to see her in xfinity before I truly call her a bust (as trucks and xfinity have shown, being good in one does not equate to being good in the other and vice versa), but she’s definitely been disappointing. For goodness sake herbst outperformed her this past weekend

  17. Agree but who knows Jimmie came from the same background as her and sucked in trucks and xfinity but is the GOAT in cup so ya never know

  18. I know im proably late but give the oppurtunity would u ever run cup or xfinity again? Or are Trucks your home

  19. I half-jokingly said that Weatherman might’ve ran himself out of a ride with how well he finished at Martinsville.

  20. I know a guy who works on his #99 and is friends wit stefan and he said there was a falling out after martinsville with him and the team

  21. What happened to Stefan Parsons? I thought he had a full season with BJMM.

  22. I know a guy who works on his #99 and is friends wit stefan and he said there was a falling out after martinsville with him and the team

  23. Yea he’s definitely going cup/high end Xfinity ride

  24. I know a guy who works on his #99 and is friends wit stefan and he said there was a falling out after martinsville with him and the team

  25. Certainly sounds like Parsons is getting an opportunity somewhere that might have better equipment or opportunity that takes some of the budget from what was the previously-full-time 99 effort. Hopefully it's something that helps him progress, 'cause at times he's shown some decent promise with the McLeod team.

  26. I know a guy who works on his #99 and is friends wit stefan and he said there was a falling out after martinsville with him and the team

  27. Good luck to Gray he deserves a shot in some good equipment sucks he will more than likely miss the race

  28. Good luck Gray making it in since its been tough for them to do so this year. I wonder why they've gone so much downhill? In 2020 and 2021 they did very well with Currey and Weatherman compared to the past when Harmon was S&Ping but now they are struggling so much

  29. From what ive heard from a guy who worked last year for mhr that Kyle and Bayley were just that good and were always at the shop working on their cars and were invested into being better and getting the most out of their equipment

  30. And meanwhile they have let to fire Ezra Miller who has 3 diffrent assault charges

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