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  1. Mike Love has spent a lifetime preparing to dominate a cadre of admiring, submissive followers… who somehow never materialized.

  2. The way I heard it, Disney found out she hadn't donated the money and did it themselves.

  3. I heard the same. MM kept the Disney cash for herself, Disney paid the charity (disbursing twice for one project), and made it clear that Disney would not work with any of the Harkles, children included, in the years to come.

  4. It just felt like a good rerun after all of the pictures of the breastfeeding this week.

  5. Oh, it’s an excellent rerun. I’m just feeling bitchy, snarky, outraged—all those good things!

  6. It’s worse to be stuck in one’s immaturity, because someone in that situation is unlikely to progress past it without a great deal of conscious effort and therapy. Until they do, they will piss off and/or alienate people regularly.

  7. Her expression clearly screams, “I’ll tolerate this collar. I don’t like it, mind you, but I pick my battles. Especially when I know you’re roasting more than one chicken at the moment.”

  8. I was wondering where that extremely sugary article quoting Mike Tindall came from! Although he’s an affable guy who probably would always choose to speak positively in this kind of situation, it seemed ‘way over the top even so!

  9. I don’t know about her mental status, but Carol Baldwin went blind in her last years, and lived in the basement of the home of one of her daughters.

  10. I have 4 kids who were wild animals when young and never a black eye

  11. All three of mine were lively, too, and I had three or four of my working friends’ children at my house after school most days, and all day on some minor religious holidays. No black eyes ever, and rarely a bruise.

  12. Yes! Amazing who you would see in line at the movies or headed into a mall.

  13. … not to mention the Big Names in the Sibley Hospital ER whom I’ve seen, or whose children went to school with mine here in D.C.

  14. There was an on going pattern of behaviour with Diana and all of her relationships . She and James Hewitt had a long happy relationship for years until she interfered in his Army career. He had been posted to Germany , something he had to do as an overseas posting was essential if he wanted to be promoted. Diana became hysterical at the thought of him going away and contacted his Commanding Officer to try and get him to stay in London. Behind Hewitt’s back. It was an idiotic thing to do as A) the Commanding Officer was naturally suspicious and started to take seriously the rumours about the affair B) James Hewitt was furious about it and C) the press got wind of the whole thing. It was the beginning of the end of their affair and when the press started to report on it Diana blocked Hewitt from contacting her, leaving him to deal with the fall out in his own . It was an awful selfish thing to do to someone she said herself she adored. I know we’re supposed to hate Hewitt , but I’ve always thought he got a rough deal. I see him as a typical hooray Henry type of idiot upperclass Englishman who may not of been very nice but didn’t deserve to be destroyed the way he was. The press tore him to shreds . Diana somehow came out of the whole thing as the victim yet again. She certainly was very good at PR!

  15. Everyone likes to lionize Diana but she was very impulsive and childish. She had very weak boundaries with her small children.

  16. We BRF-watchers can safely predict that the Wales parents will not parentify any of their children, or confide in them inappropriately.

  17. Yup anesthesia medications are designed to be short acting so that you can wake up relatively soon after surgery. Otherwise you're waiting hours for patients to wake up.

  18. Totally agree about Murray, who clearly was looking for big money in exchange for minimal responsibility or effort.

  19. I was a kid when it was out and only watched it because I was told I wasn’t allowed to lol

  20. Funny! Same reason I read the blockbuster novel Valley of the Dolls—my parents forbade it, but ALL of my babysitting clients owned a dog-eared copy.

  21. How is it possible no one ever mentions sending a package? Item costs X, dhl/fedex/dpd costs Y, simple as that. I'd never drive more than 30km/20miles for an item that fits into standard delivery size box because it is not worth it.

  22. These types of CB want immediate gratification, as in, accept my ridiculously low price and bring it to me today.

  23. I was getting annoyed when she was dr shopping and all the autism talk prior to diagnosis but what turned me completely was when she made a video where she was literally giddy that her baby might have a brain tumor.

  24. Unbelievable. One of our sons was diagnosed with a brain tumor on his second birthday. It’s the kind of thing that in pre-MRI days would have gone unnoticed unless it turned ugly. But the idea of anyone going “giddy” at such news nauseates me.

  25. Don’t believe that UCLA ball cap he wore (as one does) while delivering his famous speech at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Mike attended Los Angeles City College briefly. He worked both at a gas station and at his dad’s sheet-metal works in order to support his bride, former high-school sweetheart Frances St. Martin. She is always, in her rare mentions, identified as a cheerleader, ‘cause it’s the most important thing about her.

  26. Trying to read anything she writes gives me a damn migraine holy crap lol

  27. Since I already have chronic migraine, I’m wary of listening to Big Larry unless I’m freshly medicated.

  28. My Nparents were of less than no use if I had a problem, but my Nmother in particular would become elated if/when the problem got worse. This also applied to illness, which they typically refused to treat.


  30. I’m more confused what’s going on with her nose? Not trying to be mean, I just don’t know what is going on there

  31. Siete has a dark mole on the left side of her nose that Big Larry often photoshops out, just as she concealed a small brown birthmark on ML’s scalp that was visible until recently, when enough hair grew in to conceal it.

  32. Of course not. But an Nmother will make anything your fault, and keep harping on it.

  33. Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Cameron Crowe enrolled at the alma mater of my father and uncles!

  34. The only racist blood royal is the one she married.

  35. Yeah, that guy. The one who announced, when he started dating Chelsy Davy of Zimbabwe, “but she’s not black or anything.”

  36. Also, Sophie Winkleman. She's married to Lord Frederick Windsor but still uses her own name in her professional life. Her first child was born in Los Angeles. I think she's a patron for a few charities. She would have been a wonderful resource for TW on how to balance royal life with an acting career.

  37. Sophie’s list of acting appearances is long enough to make one’s head spin! I’ll bet MM never dared to go near her, and badmouthed Sophie out of jealousy if the opportunity ever arose.

  38. Me, too. In your mom’s eyes, I’d be awful: One of my sons grew up medically fragile. He was born with several congenital conditions that required frequent hospital testing that scared us all to death. In addition, he weathered a number of less-dire-sounding surgeries between the ages of two and nineteen.

  39. My Nparents went NC first. It was touch and go who would, but two things pushed them, I’m certain. My doting in-laws hosted and financed a huge wedding in their hometown, which to our amazement, my utterly bored Nparents attended.

  40. Congratulations to OP as well as to our cancer-slaying Heather, who took down a pair of entitled dragons on her way to the bell! Wishing the best to both of you.

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