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  1. as a father of a great adult son, i will show all kinds of support and understanding for breastfeeding mothers. and love great parents. but why does she post pics of her infants looking like aliens?

  2. She photoshops the shit out of them, and is particularly focused on enlarging the twinnishes' eyes. Results vary.

  3. Hmm is it OK to "breatfeed" if you have "food poisoning "? Wouldn't that pass to the milk? Either way, half those pics, those poor babies aren't anywhere near her nipple... 🙄

  4. That's exactly why she adds stickers to a tiny fragment of nipple (as if we haven't seen worse, my god). A nipple is not obscene and modesty is not the reason.

  5. How would she change a diaper without getting shit in her ring or scratching them ?

  6. I'm pretty sure it's a Reborn doll, and she knows no one can disprove it. The tells are photos like this, and others showing Siete with head bobbling lifelessly, arms and legs akimbo.

  7. It’s so true. Most people don’t realize that the people they know and love have personality disorders bc it’s just who they are. My mom is a Hilaria type. I’ve known others. But it’s hard to recognize if you don’t have the awareness. Once you know, you know and can protect yourself. If this sub does anything good it will have been to raise awareness about personality disorders/narcissistic parenting that could help a lot of people.

  8. 💯 agree. This sub has been invaluable in understanding how my narc mother harmed my brothers and me, including a brother who died a slow, agonising death while she watched him, then became indignant when she was questioned by police. Yet no one completely believes me because she had the ability to charm people with her wit and good cooking. People here understand, which feels like a weight has been lifted.

  9. I'm so sorry. Wow. That is so much of the pain, isn't it? That they look like nice, normal people to everyone around them... even charming and likeable, so you're the one who sounds crazy. They've spent a lifetime perfecting their outward personas. I'm glad you've found some comfort on this sub.

  10. Thank you, pepino. I've found a lot of comfort, and hopefully have provided at least one person the same reassurance that they're not alone (isolation is a useful tool for narcs, ensuring that their control is absolute). 💚

  11. I think she may have claimed the breast stroke made her boobs smaller. She unabashedly said this in front of her guest (a physician!), whom she talked over to spout this nonsense, adding that she had to do that particular stroke because she didn't want to get her hair wet.

  12. None of this makes sense. Just like her. And she went to a fucking highly paid university.

  13. She didn't complete university. I suspect she graduated from her $60,000/year private school as a courtesy to her parents.

  14. Did she actually attend NYU?? Or was it one of those extension programs that anyone can enroll in?? I know UCLA has one and some ppl like to pretend they went to UCLA, when in reality they went to UCLA extension.

  15. 🤣 I believe you're correct. It's like implying you attended Harvard by buying the sweatshirt.


  17. And we're not going away. If anything, it makes me want to double down. We're can be as obstinate and determined as their downvote bots, which l just discovered today can also be programmed to target specific users. So don't take it personally - let them waste their money.

  18. Also every good story needs a climax and an epilogue, like summarising the fate of the family post-Rust. Right now it just feels like the bread is rising.

  19. I agree, especially if bangbang is convicted. I don't know who is downvoting you for your comment. Hi Alex!!

  20. I've not been here as much as usual, so when l read older, more interesting posts and comments l wonder why there are so few votes. It looks like they think they're being crafty by leaving 3 or 4 for authenticity.

  21. She seems neurodivergent based on how awkward and inappropriate she is. She also seems to have some learning disability based on the way she writes.

  22. She also admitted that she couldn't help Rafa with his 4th grade math homework. And boasted about it.

  23. 🤣 Sadly though, to this day l am practically innumerate, though not for lack of trying!

  24. That little squeak! When her alleged bodyguard put his arm around her, she put her arm back around him. Did that strike anyone else as weird?

  25. I savor this clip of her getting bumped. She wanted to lash out but then saw it was friendly fire. And she looks so stupid and clumsy getting tossed around. Fool.

  26. As when Alec bellowed, "OUT of my WAY!!" to the (nasty) pap who meekly backed away until someone pointed out "You have the wrong car, Alec"."

  27. He's still tweeting... this was a few days ago. "Alec Baldwin Scores Another Win In ‘Rust’ Criminal Case As Besieged Special Prosecutor Steps Down"

  28. I was thinking the same thing - from A to Z (zombie, "zany" and Zero come to mind), for every letter, there's a descriptor.

  29. Eww! Eww! Eww! 🤢 Just why in Hell would she think anyone wants to see this!

  30. That's a lot of pressure on a child, to have to reconcile the fact that your own mother is deceptive at a time when you think your parents are beyond reproach.

  31. Pathological lying is a symptom of various personality disorders, including antisocial, narcissistic, and histrionic personality disorders, so these disorders include overlapping symptoms, including compulsive lying. She's the full meal deal.

  32. These influencers, while not particularly bright, are savvy enough to know and take advantage of their target audience: gullible, incurious people to whom 'going to education' is not an option, and whose aspirations exceed their grasp. Who said there's a sucker born every minute?

  33. She can't allow them out with humanity because they might accidentally be kids & talk abt stuff at home non-chalantly as we know kids do (my 2nd grade daughter telling her teacher that Mommy likes the red colored wine better than white but really really likes vodka for example). They might actually say something like, "when my mom takes her belly off at night..." or, "when daddy comes to visit, we go to the park"...innocent comments that she can't have floating around out there exposing these 2 (Alec and hillz) as the frauds they are. So, they're prisoners. Actual prisoners.

  34. That totally makes sense.They're still too young to censor themselves, Carmen excepted. My daughter once asked a friend who was sipping apple juice, "Why you drinking scotch for lunch?"

  35. Scotch for Lunch. That's my band name. Called it. 💀

  36. Funny considering her parents didn't move to Spain until she was in her late twenties. I just want to punch her in the head

  37. That punchable face. I thought l was aberrent, until mashes of millions of other mild-mannered pepinos confessed to wanting to do the same.

  38. Thank you, Abbreviations! The alliteration was inadvertent but the assonance is intentional. 😘

  39. 🤣 Totally! Her head bobs are offbeat too - in every sense of the word. 😂

  40. She was in the car being chauffeured with Daddy bang bang to somewhere and she was singing pop cultura songs.

  41. He was playing the climax to Thus Sprach Zarathustra but she rolled her eyes at the boring old-fogey classical masterpiece and started snapping her fingers to her "real" music, IIRC. I would like to find the link - she looked like a snake charmer (which l guess she literally is).

  42. Our yoga instructor stated not to do this move if you are pregnant because it is unsafe. Being that HiLIARia isn’t pregnant here, she had nothing to worry about.

  43. She had to have been lugging at least 20 lbs if she were actually preggers in this photo. My lungs and spine would have collapsed.

  44. I’m like 🤨isn’t this a snark sub? Since when do we zone in on murderous Aleeek and defend him, especially over a post making fun of Larry seemingly being embarrassed about her dancing lies.

  45. They're a team, un buen equipo. They have conspired to deceive together (fake pregnancies, lies sending a woman to jail, etc) so its hard to separate the two. I didn't get the sense anyone was defending Alec, though maybe at that point he believed her.

  46. Some comments have now been edited or deleted but there were people here defending him which was very weird. According to other commenters, he knew at this point that she wasn’t some international dancer but was choosing to continue the lie.

  47. He isn't going to like the hard questions asked by the new prosecutor.

  48. Do you think he'll cry (cover his face)? Will he be able to suppress the urge to argue with the prosecutor? Will he preface each response by mentioning his seven children - one by surrogate 🙄 - forgetting about Ireland but possibly mentioning his first grandchild? Will he hobble up to the stand with his new crutch for sympathy, while secretly wishing he could poke their eyes out with the tip he sharpened?

  49. I don’t understand this picture. There are lines showing she is wearing some kind of padding underneath. So the team responsible for this picture are enablers as well? She is focused on a pregnancy that happened years ago? Other kids since then! Her advisers and enablers are failing her.

  50. Enablers enabling enablers, users using users. They're all cut from the same cloth, all in it for a buck if they can get away with it.

  51. attacking her daughter and nearly knocking her teeth out? YEAH RIGHT

  52. A video clip of the same reporter, taken at another angle, shows the mic was nowhere near her stupid clackers.

  53. Baldwin should have swallowed his enormous ego and apologized for getting in that reporters face .. the video clearly showed nothing of what she said was true

  54. What the fuck?!? Does she not see it? These kids ARE MISERABLE! Can we report her? I mean i know at least a number of us are mandatory reporters. This is not normal or ok. I’m not sure what the protocol is for reporting a case that you’re not directly involved with but there has to be some recourse. Right?

  55. If you're wondering about downvotes, you may be relatively new here as this subject has been discussed in the past. The conclusion is, is that CPS is overburdened and there is no tangible reason to report them, never mind on the basis of just one photo.

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