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  1. They were both on his version of the Avengers (all-new, all-different) if I remember correctly

  2. Damn I had no idea Namor was going to be in this. One of my favorite marvel characters. I hope they do him justice.

  3. It is demanding I mean they fixed stuff and anything of oh it’s old code they update it a bit ago it could get very laggy and also it cut frame rates in half so for me on Xbox 60 the 30 so if it was switch it would be 15 due to the enemies

  4. I can’t tell the difference between 30 and 60 but 15 would probably more noticeable

  5. Crew pass is just more of a steal now, I wonder if you keep stw when you unsub

  6. It was intentional. On the other side of the building you are looking at there was a root with a pink tree sprouting from it before it was in full bloom.

  7. Because of the tree impacting that region. It's "blooming". It also has multiple pois like logjam now that randomly select for your match.

  8. Maybe they accidentally changed the name early before yesterday then

  9. Nintendo has been eliminating distinct characters based on Mario races. It’s why Paper Mario is so bland now.

  10. Because the water was just a superficial little thin stretch. Both islands stuck out the water if you look at official images

  11. There are others, those being: 8-ball, chapter 2 season 2 super level skins, eternal knight, and the chapter 2 season 6 super level skins

  12. Shouldn’t all the skins with super levels be here though?

  13. So the career page is broken for everyone else too? I thought maybe that was just me.

  14. Read the blue text. Glad I could help

  15. That’s the part that confuses me. Doesn’t it reset at the start of each season? Why now?

  16. You realize collars have to be mutually agreed on, right? Yet you mention multiple valve properties.

  17. I think it was grayed out at the beginning of the season when the place was being built. I could be wrong.

  18. I wish it was grayed out. I couldn’t find it for a few matches. Wasn’t sure where it was. It’s a nice place.

  19. I just stumbled upon it on accident. Didn’t know it existed.

  20. I played last night and this morning and finished it in a few hours

  21. I’d be more frustrated if the nindo challenges didn’t come out right before. Now, this seems perfectly reasonable.

  22. I haven’t watched the videos but art is subjective. You don’t need to get mad at people for not having the same opinion as you. What is this, the internet?…

  23. you should go learn what a vast majority is, or get out of your fantasy world

  24. Ferdinand and Lorenz had a good thing going for a while

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