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  1. BMF's don't duck people who might knock them out.

  2. Dustin was piecing up Chandler in the boxing exchanges, and Masvidal is a better boxer than Dustin. I think Masvidal is more worried about getting ragdolled for the whole fight like he did against Colby, which is likely what would happen.

  3. Don't think of it as Gastelum being rewarded for being 1-5, think of it more as UFC pushing an exciting fighter (Imavov) into the spotlight and becoming a bit more known by fighting a household name.

  4. He said on the JRE that he literally doesn’t cut weight to make 185.

  5. Ummm, "no shit?" as in "did he really?". I'm essentially saying i wasn't aware he said that and if that's the case then he could certainly make WW

  6. The timeline lines up with Cejudo re-entering USADA testing pool for the required 6 months before returning to competition, plus some risk time built in, which lands a big mid-summer card.

  7. Hard to see a match where Dariush doesn't get Dustin to the mat and control him, or submit him.

  8. I have bets on the wizard in Pennsylvania and the football player in Georgia. After all you are asking about gambling advise. If things go my way I get a 50-60% return or I lose 100%

  9. We are going to the houseboat and grilling out. Very peaceful. Plus I must watch NFL Football 🏈

  10. I'm glad I took my profit on $COIN leading up to earnings. Held a couple puts on a free ride, and not surprised it's soaring today, like $FRPT. Stupid. However, it will make buy 12/16 or 1/23 puts that much cheaper haha.

  11. You would have been better off with 3 monitors and a stream deck to toggle between windows/programs lol

  12. Yup. Been opening short positions anytime i see ARKK green two or more days in a row, and its been profitable.

  13. AVCT did a reverse split, how are they compared? AVCT wasnt planning a S1 to go private?

  14. I suppose it is the hype around interpreting SEC filings and predicting a merger, buyout, etc.

  15. I, too, have $COIN puts i bought ahead of earnings. Cashed out a majority of them this morning avg 20% profit. I'll hold a couple to see if earnings pushes it down further, but i don't hold much hope. Got burnt on puts ahead of $FRPT dogshit earnings, but the stock went up 7% lmao

  16. My bag is not large or heavy, but I will continue to hold it.

  17. I am Playing. MMAT and like the ( MOU ) news yesterday. I believe the negative Red markets are holding it back.

  18. I took a small position myself. I think it could run here in the next couple days, especially if WSB catches wind.

  19. Fed pivoting is the main thing everyone is talking about, no more big hikes because we already had a few, it’s better to say this then look at the data! We look at the data and make a decision, not like apes who are all hype with no direction and jump on every stock that is trending. We might have some volatility today as the fed announce their rate, hold on tight and ride it out, there’s a lot of money to be made with data and patience.

  20. If I understood what I read about the jobless claims, the rate hikes aren't having the desired effects (yet). I'd be shocked if they don't hike up another .75%. I'd be equally shocked if there's any talks of softening/pivoting, unless its lip service ahead of midterms.

  21. I won't just suck one dick. I'll suck all the dicks so you don't get any.

  22. Good thing my premarket order never filled. Cancelled it and moved on to long calls on BLDR and PBF.

  23. I was going to ride the early morning volatility and sell it before PM TO see if i could make a few bucks before the shorts ran it into the ground.

  24. I cashed out last week and will hold until i see indexes hold some kind of steady/trade sideways for a bit.

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