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Elon's New Enemy is Apple

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  1. This shit is beyond cringe. Why is it that most of the time when you see people beating their chest about how patriotic they are, they’ve never served in the military. I don’t get it.

  2. Just turn in your 2 week notice and let them know it’s just not working out and you found a better offer.

  3. Not really that big of a deal for Russell Wilson. He’s going to get at least three or four more touchdowns in his career.

  4. This is actually kind of sad. These guys honestly think they’re doing something worthwhile.

  5. Not sure what side of TikTok you are on, but there is some really great content on there. Doesn’t mean you should spend all your time there, though. Get some fresh air from time to time.

  6. Probably get down-voted for this, but they could not give a discount at all. Not all businesses do. Some only do it once a month or only on military holidays. Something is better than nothing.

  7. Some old white guy says something stupid. I’ve seen this episode before.

  8. Yeah, this guide is whack. Never wear black with navy.

  9. I really like my Nux Mighty Plug, and the pro version has some added function.

  10. Mix Mighty Pro is an amazing little device. You can also connect it to your DAW and record. Really nice when you don’t have a jam buddy.

  11. My 3rd grader can do all of these things, so not the flex they think it is.

  12. Apple charges you to sell on their platform. Just like Amazon, eBay, etc.

  13. You sound on the soft side of the game. Why are you joining the Corps at 25? Another branch may be a better idea.

  14. Maybe he, too, wants to feel the warm embrace of the green weenie? Yes, the army has one, but it isn’t the same.

  15. Why would I want a prospective employer to know I’m a pizza box? 😆

  16. I love my 16 qt presto. I only can for me and my partner and so the 16 qt is enough. And it fits well under my hood on my stove. If you buy the presto I recommend also buying the 3 part weight unless you are lucky enough to live in a place you can get the gauge checked annually. Also if you use the weight you can wander away from the canner while it runs as long as you can hear the weight/jiggler.

  17. The gold standard is All American. Pricey but lasts two lifetimes, best used on a gas stove or propane as very few electrics and take the weight.

  18. Anthony Bourdain is a recent example that comes to kind

  19. For real. I want Republican infighting, but I don't want them to be TOTALLY against Trump yet. I want him to lose the nomination and then insist he was cheated out of it somehow and try to run as an independent, and still have enough loyalists to split the vote

  20. Then maybe Democrats could run an actually progressive candidate instead of the normal, barely left of center candidate that we always put forward.

  21. When you're selling something, being right in the middle is the correct place to be.

  22. My statement was predicated upon the initial assumption that the ticket on the Republican side would be split between Trump and (possibly) DeSantis.

  23. Hot take: being a man who uses a sex toys on himself doesn’t make one bisexual. Nor do you have to be bisexual to enjoy such things.

  24. Isn’t it amazing that the true religion or the true god(s) is always found in the country that you’re born in?

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