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  1. hey so i asked about using an EM sands on yoimiya and apparently it’s okay on an overvape team.

  2. Xingqiu/yelan, beidou/fischl, bennett. Beidou has high er requirements without a battery but better aoe

  3. Could someone explain in razor language what Gorou C6 does and why its so valuable/his best constellation

  4. Given that the author said mercy's path is like 7 extra cores, each with a different aspect, I'm guessing that some crazy resonance is going be a part of why it's such a perfect path. I don't remember if it's come up in the story yet, just got to reaper on a reread. Each page is just a different binding/construct, and they seem pretty compatible. Whatever the final layer is might just make for some crazy monarch level arrows.

  5. hi I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I rlly need help! 😭😭😭

  6. Definitely do not mention to mihoyo that you sold the account and are planning to sell the account if recovered. Tell them you were hacked.

  7. Just got Itto! What's a good team for him? I don't have Albedo or Zhongli. Does Itto, Noelle, Gorou, Bennet work?

  8. Go with geo traveller(er weapon or anemona, nobless) or ningguang (prototype, nobless or eosf). Geo traveller offers some damage, energy, and crit rate buff. Ningguang is a skill bot - Jade screen will give you energy and a geo buff.

  9. ...Stongbox? Roll artifacts? I'm honestly really casual and this is my first foray into getting a competent team, think you could explain further, if you have the time?

  10. you can use a strongbox to sacrifice 3 artifacts for a single artifact on a specific set. The sets available are bloodstained chivalry (which would be a good one for physical builds), gladiator's (good for a lot of dps that dont have a specific bis set), nobless oblige (bennett's go to, good for a lot of burst supports), and wanderer's troupe (bis for melt ganyu).

  11. Tenacity raiden. You're basically ignoring all raiden's damage, she's just a skillbot there to buff and generate particles. She has 100% uptime on tenacity, buffs burst damage, consistently applies electro. She a good support for physical dps qiqi lol.

  12. Yep, building Raiden like this is a dps loss compared to both c6 fischl and a typical raiden build.

  13. Hamayumi's better for melt because Ganyu's energy doesn't matter in melt. Unless you're running SR, you probably wouldn't do SR with hamayumi

  14. How do I build and play Rosaria? Just a general build will do cuz I don't really care about comps. Also, which constellation is a power spike or are they not important at all?

  15. If you are a hobbyest collector, why would you need bullets?

  16. Don't try to reason with these idiots, we all know the second amendment was written to secure the god-given rights of hobbyists and collectors

  17. Kazuha is not at all necessary. he's just a very powerful support and fits into a lot of teams. There are a lot of powerful characters in the game though. If you don't like his playstyle, it's not worth it get him.

  18. When aang beats sokka at airball, he does so by knocking sokka through the goal post. Judging by this, we can assume that one of the rules of airball is that you must knock a water tribesman through the goal to score

  19. I have a question with regards to Zhongli

  20. would c0 sara be worth investing in for just a general booster like bennett without a specific comp in mind? and for fischl, would r1 amos bow or r2 stringless be better for her? she is the only bow char i use.

  21. I doubt we'll see another 4 star buffer as universally good as Bennett again lol. With Sara and Gorou, it seems like niche buffers are more likely.

  22. My theroy is Lindon and Eithan both fall apart from Abidan. They’re just Vroshir now. Or independent if Vroshir is actually a faction. Everyone out there have their own motives. Like the Angler. She’s not actually evil. Now Eithan and the gang are outside the Eledari pact and willing to take risks Abidan wouldn’t. They’re pursued by both Vroshir and the Abidan. They show up save the day and disappear again.

  23. True. But Eithan wanted a division of Reapers. Not split from Abidan. He still believes in them yet or he would have gone rogue in truth, not take a break in Cradle and went back docilely when Mommy and Daddy came calling.

  24. He definitely full on intended them to not be Abidan.

  25. Holdup, Is there a list somewhere? These books need an appendix lol. I thought shadow's edge was high gold, night worm venom was truegold, and dark tide incantation was underlord?

  26. Not that I know of. This is my list from memory. I know Charity's Dream of Darkness technique (just remembered the name) was what Mercy practiced at Overlord and used on Sophara in the second fight. There was a description of layered techniques in that fight and the fight with Ulrik. Maybe there is more discussed.

  27. I forget where, but it’s stated Northstrider inherited a bloodline legacy from his parents that makes him more compatible or sensitive to blood aura

  28. This has been happening in the discussion thread so often recently that I'm starting to wonder if it's an app problem

  29. Well now that i think about that way, it removes the option of yanfei since i just keep rotating between characters and yanfeis stacks disappear when you switch to another character and so does her burst. But with thoma he gives all characters a shield not just himself and his burst works nicely with surcrose and beidous burst, and xianling can… i cant think of something for xianling, so i guess that theres a bigger chance iam going with thoma now.

  30. Xiangling is a great off field character, one of the best in the game actually. Her burst is huge dps +aoe and her skill can hit hard too. Especially useful in vape/melt reaction teams but typically paired with Bennett. The two of them together have pretty much been top tier meta since the beginning of the game

  31. if im running tenacity for zhongli do i go for attack, hp or def sand for burst dps?

  32. Zhongli doesn't use def for any build and tenacity's kind of a weird choice for burst dps. Maybe 2pc tenacity and 2pc nobless if you're trying to get some shielding and dmg? But 2 archaic petra 2 nobless if you're just trying to get max damage. Also atk/geo/crit in that case

  33. Interesting thanks for the info ! I have given her full set wanderer's troupe and I also don't have good controller along with lag so I don't have consistency on the weak spots

  34. With wanderers troupe I'm assum8ng you're running melt and with no weakpoints, hamayumi would be the better choice imo, especially with refinements.

  35. If I'm building shieldbot Zhongli, should I go HP% across the board or is it more worth it to run a crit circlet?

  36. Shieldbot is typically just there for shielding. His burst is ignored unless using it for iframes i guess but it's a dps loss either way. Hp/geo/crit or hp/geo/hp would be more of a hybrid shield/burst build. Otherwise, crit's only valuable with favo.

  37. New player here. Is crafting condensed resin worth it? Seems profitable for bosses but was looking for some advice from veterans.

  38. For artifacts, weapon mats, talent mats, definitely. For leylines, they save time but I dont use them there because you get mob drops on leylines. It's also nice because you can skip a day of farming without losing the resin, and still get the bp progress for using resin.

  39. Ignores. It was basically added because zhongli broke the game lol

  40. Assuming you are at 0 pity and no guarantee...

  41. I've only gone for 4 stars twice and each time took over 100 pulls, got 2 5 stars before seeing the 4 star I wanted.

  42. How does Yelan compare to a c6 XQ? I typically run my XQ in Raiden national so would I just replace him with Yelan?

  43. Xq gives better hydro application so vape teams with fast Pyro application will probably prefer xq. Where hydro application is less important and xq is just there for off field damage, yelan would probably outshine. For national team, you also have to take rotation into account. I think yelan will increase dps as long as you can hit the rotations right, but it would be tighter so there's a chance you lose vapes, which would decrease dps. So xq is definitely the more comfortable option, especially with the healing and psuedo shield, but overall I think yelan offers better dps

  44. It comes from slang from CN servers. The original national team is Bennett, xiangling, xingqiu, chongyun, so this comp was available very early on and has been meta since basically the beginning of the game. It was hugely popular, so CN players apparently named it the national team - which some people say is because they are the top talent (aka Chinese National team) and other people say it's because it's both very good and very accessible (aka national standard). Or because of the way CN players typed gj (as in good job) being processed as the word 'nation". Nobody actually knows the original reason why it was called the National team lol, just that it came from Chinese players.

  45. So you care enough about character power to look for 'tactics or secrets' to amp up your game but don't actually care to use this power in spiral abyss?

  46. What a stupid response lol. Synergy, unique skill info, and character mechanics all add fun to the game without having to care about grinding for Abyss. Understanding how certain characters work allow you to build meme comps that are also fun in overworld. I like running these comps in overworld but really don't care for abyss

  47. I have been farming the Vermillion Hereafter set formy Xiao. Now i have some extra good pieces toghether with some Echoes of an Offering nice ones. What other charachters are good with them so that they don't go to waste?

  48. 2 pc vermillion is always good, and anything with good subs can make for good offpieces

  49. is it fine to use resin for weapon ascension material domains? i got 30 fragile resin left..

  50. You get 6 chances a week with weekly bosses. That's pretty much the closest you can get to farming them.

  51. They intentionally go way over the top for this scene. The people in this battle basically explode like bloody water balloons lol. Here's the

  52. It doesn't know what it is other than a mediocre adaptation.

  53. I actually really liked the show more than the book. Sweeney was such an interesting character.

  54. Depends on the character. Xiao has pretty shit constellations whereas Yae more than doubles her damage at C6

  55. Xiao also more than doubles his dps at c6, its totally a broken Constellation lol. It's just that c2-c5 are pretty trash, so it's either commit to c6 or stop at c0/c1

  56. Only a few characters were redesigned

  57. How important are jump cancels for hutao? Been sitting on c1 hutao since her last banner but haven't built her yet because I haven't bothered to learn the cancels

  58. Is there any consensus on which 5*s gain the most from going to C6? Like, C6 Eula is busted, but C0 Eula is still really good. C6 changes the way Kazuha plays because of the Anemo infusion, but he's already one of the best supports in the game at C0.

  59. Probably the only 5 star Constellation id actually go for

  60. and youre trying to tell me youd only reach 6-3 with ar 56 if he had other leveled chars? at that point you should get 30 stars+ in 9-12

  61. Eh I'm ar 56 and I just cleared 10 for the first time because I've never tried any Abyss higher than 7 til now. Some really just don't care for it

  62. spiral abyss is easy if you have lv 80 or 90 characters.

  63. Sure, I wasn't disagreeing with that. I'm just saying high AR doesn't really say anything about Abyss lol

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