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  1. Yeah though it really does depend on the MDS, some do it far more often than others. -Current AF flyer dude.

  2. Truth. How is life @ Big Blue? Retired end of 2014 and don't miss the queep but do miss the aviating.

  3. Less queepy than that era, more lenient about things such as 2903. Flying, at least on my MDS, has changed a bit with new crew composition. Can't complain though, I have it better than most.

  4. If you've had the real thing you're going to be extremely disappointed.

  5. I just watched both episodes, you can check my comments I have been very very positive fought the bigots who came here and the haters but I can in no way shape or form say that was anything above a 2/10. I am honestly so angry, I don’t know if I should cry or laugh or smash something or all three. I waited a year for this, waited for promos, trailers teasers, read leaks, watched tv interviews, checked what the tolkien experts and scholars said, religiously I followed everything to do with this. I said I would delete my account if this was bad, I said it would be breaking bad tier, sopranos tier, mad men tier, twin peaks tier, better call saul tier, true detectives tier, game of thrones tier, band of brothers tier. I was wrong, I admit it and am going to delete my account. I feel like what happened times 10000 when cyberpunk came out, times 100 when fallout 76 came out. I was very very wrong and sorely mistaken. Why can’t they make shows with competent dialogue and story. That was just painful to watch. They made tolkien into fantasy CW worse than Wheel Of Time, which was a 6-7/10 in my book but generic. This was like a 2/10. Honestly I am sick to my stomach that the fucking bigots were right ahhhhhhhhhh I want to stomp there fucking heads. Sorry, but this is just embarrassing.

  6. Punchy Mushroom with loaded dice and technician sounds pretty fun to use.

  7. Nah, there are a lot of people who didn't care for him. For myself, I have more of a problem with the expanded role they gave Matthew. The pep talk during the oldest game was pretty lame.

  8. Yeah he sucked, but the thing that I disliked more was the expanded role they gave Matthew. Still enjoyed and and I look forward to a season 2 and act 3 of the Audible production.

  9. Howell-Baptiste's Death was great, really enjoyed it every time she appeared on the screen. Disliked Oswalt as Matthew and the expanded role Matthew played in the series.

  10. I feel the audio drama's cast is on another level. Not to say that the show is awful or anything, great actors and actresses. And there are only a few casting decisions in the show that take me out of the show(Matthew).

  11. I hate that Oswalt doesn't really do anything with his voice, every time he talks its Remy the Rat to me. Andy Serkis does a way better job in the audio dramas. Still enjoying the fuck out of the series and am perfectly fine with not everything being perfect.

  12. Acts 1 and 2 of the Audible production are pristine if you need something to listen to.

  13. Matthew is voiced by Andy Serkis in the audio dramas, better than Oswalt IMO.

  14. Because Netflix is only distributing, DC and WB are producing. Additionally, Gaiman has stated this would be made the same way with the same people no matter what platform it was on.

  15. Dennings Death is pretty much universally loved amongst people who have listened to the audio dramas. Honestly, most of the cast was phenomenal.

  16. That'd be Ray Porter, guy can do so many voices. In the Audible production he also does Gilbert, Hector Hall, Wesley Dodds and a few others I can't recall with out looking it up.

  17. I read it and again I'm not super sold because I remember in the comics Lucifer had a penis.

  18. Memory is pretty unreliable. Run through the comics again and you'll find that this is not true.

  19. I haven't read the comic, only listened to the audiobook, but somehow I imagined Lucifer with a bare upper body and white wings.

  20. The audiobooks describe Lucifer's wings as leathery, like a bat's.

  21. It was doing pattern work at Will Rogers, not unheard of.

  22. Alright, let's get this out onto a tray.

  23. Is there a full version of this mash-up? Because I'm digging it.

  24. Think it's just the vocals thrown onto "Megalith Agnus Dei" from the Ace Combat 4 OST.

  25. Cross Timbers in Edmond. Staff is so friendly and the clinic is immaculate.

  26. Most of these dorks are just requesting the exemption as a quick way out. They know it will not be granted.

  27. They allow religious accomodations for beards and many other things these days. An unnecessary vaccination will be no different.

  28. You're clearly not in the military. Religious exemptions for beards are few and far in between. What "many other things" are you even talking about? The religious exemption requests for the covid vaccinations are being scrutinized at an extreme level. From what I've seen so far I expect zero to be granted at Tinker. You really think some boot with an IMR filled with every other DoD-required vaccine has a leg to stand on? Again, delaying the inevitable.

  29. We will see. Given the number of legal challenges and makeup of the supreme court it's likely to be shut down.

  30. Well these people have less than 30 days for this mythical "shut down" to occur. DAF(and sister service departments) required all requests by 2 Dec and will make a decision within 30 days to each. Go ahead and be realistic for a minute. The overwhelming majority of these exemption seekers are just getting a short delay before they need to decide the future of their careers.

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