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  1. how is it going? i saw the app today and i want to know if you got any money out.

  2. The valuation of it currently doesn’t warrant a cash out- but since you can buy it on Kraken (an exchange) it would be logical that you could trade it there as well (sell it).

  3. Cant you transfer the gain to uphold in someway?

  4. It is not very valuable currently- it may never be. But it also isn’t costing me or doesn’t cost me anything to get it. We could raise the price if enough of us go and buy it- and that would require people like you selling it.

  5. Strange thing is that smoking a cigarette outdoors at a game or a concert people will be upset and summon the security/usher/cops - but start smoking weed in the same place you are fine - telling security makes you a snitch/Karen - so why is that? Both are smoke involved - the one that is mostly illegal gets a pass and regular smoking gets trashed

  6. There's probably an article on medium just go check out medium.

  7. There is - just keep in mind the Medium article mentions a minimum to cash out and that since has been lowered by 50 percent and that crypto payout is still paused so cashing out only happens to your own bank.

  8. One of the main reasons to use Reddit is cause it is one of the best ways to get information.

  9. This is kinda what I do though- scan and correct and guide- but there would be no real reason to listen to me here on Reddit because you cannot see my credentials here. On top of that the answers that are often given by people are intentionally incorrect and lead to scamming or well meaning good intentioned people often give incorrect answers. The best place to get better information is Medium (articles published by VeVe themselves) for example search VeVe & Payout or VeVe MCP or VeVe KYC and the answers will be far more reliable. Secondly the Official VeVe discord is the best place to get answers from VeVe Team members and Mods who work for VeVe and you can vet and verify who is giving you answers because they have been assign roles to assist and that requires honesty and accuracy

  10. It will just go down the line exactly how you think it will go. The people who don’t like VeVe will celebrate anything they think hurts VeVe and will mitigate anything VeVe does well while accentuates their “loses”.

  11. It is funny how quickly they called it a Chinese Spy Balloon 🎈 with ease but yet we’re so upset that a virus origin had a location associated with it

  12. Just found that - so he would have to be KYC’d?

  13. I would look for a self custody “lite” and a “limited” interoperability range- that addresses people’s concerns but still keeping things in a walled garden- just expanding the gates to the garden to IMX and Disney and maybe a few of the markets like Amazon or eBay - so they are interacting with other places- you will not have wholesale free range to just sell to strangers on your own skipping security and avoiding VeVe and Licensor fees. The large percentage of the people who want full free self custody simply want to scam people and sell without oversight on Open Sea which is rife with scams and cheaters and danger

  14. Show me proof you, your friend and family have turned 7 dollars into 25k. Sounds like a load of crap to me.

  15. I have the text message from my irl friend who thanked me when he sold MC1 SR for 25,000 gems on July 13th 2022. Used the money to buy a new Mac and pay for his wife schooling and gifts for the kids. Others in our group were shocked he sold for so low- since some of have that same NFT. As for myself I sold an extra Todd Batman I bought for 79 gems and sold it for 5,000 and I also sold a Superman I bought for 50 gems for 5,500. If you spend more time being deliberate and less time complaining you can do really well on VeVe if you pay attention

  16. Blockchain transaction ID or it didn't happen

  17. I don't understand why the white dude just kept eating punches like damn at least put your hands up and protect yourself.

  18. Wtf is happening in America. Just educate kids it's not hard. I can understand maybe not teaching about war or slavery early (I think the other person mentioned it was mostly I'm primary school) but let the young kids learn it's fine to be different. Why magic. Banning magic is so stupid let the kids have some fun and imagination.

  19. I am going to Jamaica soon- they have it right in their customs and laws that Satanic witchcraft books cannot be brought into the country- are they incorrect to have this law for tourists?

  20. It isn’t getting books banned altogether, we just cannot have children reading sex books that if adults read out loud at work we would get sent to HR and fired. Just like we wouldn’t want children to have full access to firearms

  21. VEVE clearly is doing under the table deals and giving collectibles to accounts owned by them in some way and profiting even further. When an account gets found out, they ‘ban’ them and everyone praises them for it.

  22. People that like to complain about VeVe often are in support of everything that undercuts VeVe. Blame VeVe for juicing the user numbers while they themselves created multiple accounts and got their mom and gf and sister and roommate and uncle all to do drops for them. Then we had people funneling gems to other accounts with Gem transfers with payments outside the app- people who bought and sold Gems from strangers outside of VeVe have no moral high ground to point a finger at VeVe for not finding the problem sooner while they themselves participated in it. Next people were willing to sell gems for 60 percent off just to avoid the 10 percent cash out fee. Meanwhile people complained about VeVe not doing enough to stop Bots- but then those same people had no problem buying cheap gems and stolen cheap NFTs from them outside the walled garden of VeVe security from the people that used Bots.

  23. KYC your account and sell your NFT to reach the 500 gems threshold and then cash out to your bank.

  24. The Medium article gives the timeline of up to 5 business days - why would anyone panic same day?

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