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  1. Spread the spreadsheet maybe? Honestly I've no idea but better comms from what the campers want (might need an ambassador even, idk I'm spitballing) and what I can do with the permission of the actual owners. I'm still trying to talk to clc but haven't got the green light to release what I have coz the moneymaking cunts are being cunts (they might monetize his work).

  2. I'm just a camper trying to help so lmk

  3. Is it okay if I ask a question like 'how do you want bideos presented?' or similar. Youtube is good but we all know how bad it can get with copyright, if needed I was talking to clc about a 'campers only' discord server which would be securely away from the moneymaking guys. Was just an idea but if you have any thoughts on that I'm all ears. I'll try to think up some new ideas that fit the criteria

  4. What's backed up? Not familiar what's this referring to.

  5. Sorry I missed this comment. Family is well thank you. I talked to crack lee crackle to get his stuff backed up after he lost 3/4 of it, then I talked to allenclark who in clc's absence was making bideos (he seemed the only likely source). Here is a spreadsheet of everything I have backed up (I had to remove the links coz of that vietcong guy, it's also not up to date with clcs stuff but rest assured it is being done. If clc is taken down again I have everything in mediafire along with allens stuff, so hopefully that won't happen again. If you google the names it'll pop up if clc has made them listed, not sure but try it):

  6. I just don't get it with phen. I felt nothing but my friends told me I sounded like I was fucked up, then I took more and more and only got a mildly relaxed feeling similar to kava. Then I felt off for a few days. I guess I'm lucky considering what could happen with benzos

  7. Very lucky tbh, using phen more than 3 days will get you dependent (to a degree I was lying down in bed with the room spinning and that was 0.5g daily for 3 days. Took maybe a week to get back to normal)

  8. Bill is worth a lot more than 10 mill. The guy can sell out MSG, he probably pulls in 10 mill gross a year just from stand up tickets. Now add podcast, shows, etc

  9. Sure but that's turnover not profit. Add in taxes etc etc and it's not unreal that he's worth a liquid 10 mill (non liquid probably far more)

  10. I feel very similar 27m, 'our home' was sold off a few years ago and even though I know people in the area that I grew up with...I just can't. It doesn't work. I wanna go to school everyday and be forced to make friends but now it's all on me and I don't know what to do. Also everyone I ask just says that's what being an adult is, well I don't wanna be an adult!

  11. Weird, windows did an update then it just works now. So fixed lol it's bizarre

  12. So far Harry has learned exactly no magic, Do you want him casting Reality bending ancient magic at this point in the story?

  13. clc lost 3/4 of his video collection due to whoever is/was monetizing his videos. I did not see it coming, but now I know it is possible I think that allenclarkfilms will (maybe) suffer the same fate, so I will be backing up everything now, just in case. It's a way to get bideos to the campers, without the moneymakers trying anything. If they do it means nothing.. If you guys have any better ideas, lmk

  14. I literally did this before my current set, just noticed a guy at 1am walking the same way home. He laughed and said "Errr no-one did anything, I just left it alone", then I walked with him past my house with him telling me I had long enough hair, and if I just cleaned it around twice a week it would do it by itself. He seemed a bit taken aback, like I was gonna ask for change or something, but calmed down during the walk n talk then when I said I'm off in another direction he seemed legit confused and more friendly, I had no agenda other than to compliment and ask about his locs.

  15. AlarmingSherbet is the man. He backed everything up for me, but to post it all here is just asking for them to be taken and monetized.

  16. think the dude was talking Bout getting a fresh fade not trim the locs

  17. Ohhhh, yeah that makes sense. Defo not the type of person to answer this lmao

  18. lol no damage, thats just a baby-lock. Just leave it and like others said wrap at night, it'll be either a lock by itself or will join to another

  19. nice, it looks matted up good near the roots. Your facial hair will go great with em too

  20. semi-freeform, i do separate when it becomes painful or just, y'know combining t a thickness where I'll have 30 locks on one side and 3 on the other. I get crazy amount of congos just above my ears lol they look like pigtails

  21. Bio-oil I've found is good for the scalp (especially after a deep clean), or teatree. Are the flakes visible when dry? When I deep clean the flakes do sometimes show, just keep the scalp sprayed with water (not too much or you get mould etc)

  22. I am not sure what sound cloud rappers are and what kind of dreads they have but the two guys you mention seem to have normal dreadlocks for young black men. They are not natural so you would probably have to put them in exactly how you want them. Your hair will naturally dread, it will just take time and patience... most importantly negligence. Just wash your hair regularly and dont touch it after that. No brushing, no fingers through your hair, nothing.

  23. No idea why you're being downvoted, have an upvote for speaking the truth

  24. Thank you for the information I will use it later because I don't think I'm allowed to have dreads now =(

  25. Hello, I have slightly wavy caucasian hair. But don't let the 'I'm not allowed' thing to get in the way. If you like it and want it, you definitely deserve to be 'allowed' to have dreads. There's no governing body over dreadlocks lol, its all up to you! Lots of people will say that you have to use crochet or interlocking or whatever, you don't!

  26. Fuckin YES! I hate it. I reach out feeling all alone then they respond and I just decide I have no energy and ignore it, or I get all manic and by the time they reply I'm depressed and can't get out of bed again. Unless you wake me up while I'm expecting a package I won't answer the door. I've got unopened letters piled up and close family I haven't talked to in months.

  27. Is getting entry level even possible, or some schooling is required ? I can't really afford training or more debt for student loans

  28. Not sure where you live but I got a job in the UK for a large pharmaceutical company 1st line tech support. The interview was kinda fun honestly but I was almost dripping sweat before, they offered me a coffee/water while I waited and then called me in. I wiped the sweat off and sat down, they asked some questions about why I wanted to work (I honestly said money and they laughed), where I had come from (an apprenticeship firm for 6 months where I got paid that they had hired from before), what my 5-year plan was, all that normal stuff you can find if you google common interview questions.

  29. Since this is a topic that has come up in other groups before, and the explanation is often oversimplified to the point it loses its meaning, here is how I would delineate it:

  30. this is similar to how I learnt to snowboard, the instructor said since I was learning on a dry slope when I actually hit the snow it'll be a lot easier. He was totally right. But like I said just learning concept similar lol, totally different set of skills

  31. Get your flow on! Super happy you're digging them!

  32. Dude these are the greatest setup I've ever spun with! I had some doubts seeing that they were about 1x 2.0 capsule length shorter than the podpoi, also much heavier but FoF just have their process down lol. If they were any longer I'd have hit myself a lot more, not been able to stall as well and tosses would be awkward and dangly. Had so much fun just playing around with them. I'm literally ecstatic, far easier to clean too and seem pretty damn sturdy judging by how much I dropped them lol

  33. Sweet! Yeah that all makes sense I'm not good at DIY anyway (especially not this high level of work). That's awesome dude thanks so much again, Peace :)

  34. bahaahha he literally did that exact thing on a set then got fired, this was for sure a backpedal until it reached mainstream news (and yes LoS is my news outlet, I'm retarded)

  35. My bad for the extremely late reply. I believe I have 3b hair, so do you think a sponge will still work on it?

  36. no worries, I mean you could not use a sponge at all. Depends what you wanna do in terms of freeforming. If you can leave your hair a month without using anything and it naturally locs up, I'd try that.

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