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  1. I would definitely take it to an Apple Store and see if they accept it

  2. Are you repurposing to sell? If so, what is the RAM in them? If 4GB, I would just stick with cheap SATA 240GB 2.5" SSD. They're like 20 bucks.

  3. Only 2 of them are being sold off, and only to friends. They are the base model 2014 mac Minis so only have the 500GB HDD with 4GB RAM

  4. May I ask, why is your school giving you five Mac Minis from 2015?

  5. Mostly because they are being thrown out, they aren't seeing any use in the departments they were being deployed in (plus a lot of them are getting old) as well as the school switching over to mostly Windows PCs and Chromebooks to make management easier.

  6. A lot of the time IT technicians in schools will just unplug it and leave it, especially if they don’t have any front panel covers. My school had all the front USB connectors disabled on all the desk mounted PCs with the rear I/O being blocked by the desk

  7. Honestly I’d love a notchless design with no webcam.

  8. I myself don’t mind the webcam, I don’t use it often (the quality isn’t amazing) plus continuity camera is quite a good idea. However doesn’t work if the MacBook is on your lap. Plus Photo Booth is still quite fun, however it’s not what it used to be

  9. they could make the top half ever so slightly thicker to support magsav for the iphone camera thing

  10. I’m certain the Belkin stand thing for continuity camera is magsafe compatible unless you mean have a more secure clip to clip onto the Mac display

  11. Isn’t the image on the iPod itself?

  12. Yeah, it’s a hidden file that can be seen by doing Command+Shift+. And it’s just a .icns file. I saw a post years ago where someone had made custom icon files for those who had done a mod on their iPod

  13. Had this happen on a bus with my 4th gen but it was flashmodded. The HDD cable slid out of the socket. However you may need to replace the HDD

  14. Honestly, my first few PC builds I did using older components looked worse (mostly cuz it was stuffed into a HP Pavilion P6 mini tower case. But the cable mess is quite normal for those rocking multiple HDDs and an optical drive from pre SATA days

  15. Happens to me as I have 3 calendar accounts connected to my calendar

  16. Use Spotlight by pressing CMD and type in Trackpad, it will open the trackpad settings. Alternatively a USB mouse will work fine too

  17. I have a 2015 MacBook Pro 15 with 2.5 Ghz CPU and AMD graphics and 512 GB SSD. So very, very close to what you're looking at. I bought it in 2018 as a backup system. It had been dropped a couple of time (two corner dents), scratches all over the bottom and a gouge on the left side. But it has worked perfectly fine. I replaced the battery in 2021.

  18. This one does have the AMD graphics as far as I’m aware, completely refurbished with a new battery.

  19. Just be very careful when cleaning the display. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the display ONLY, or maybe make is slightly damp when cleaning fingerprints, and just don't touch the display anyway. Use

  20. Yeah I'm fairly confident with laptop repairs and the first thing I plan on doing is to check if the insides are clean and have been pasted. I don't usually charge my laptops too much (though my 2009 17" has to be charging else it dies within an hour) so that would be alright. And I'll install MacsFanControl on the MacOS installation and the Windows partition too.

  21. I have the same surround sound speakers, they are awesome

  22. My S8 went to 99% after about 6 months, I suggest charging it in small bursts, like 20% at a time to keep it going and keep it above 20% and under 80%. The percentage may hover at that value for some time as well so don’t worry about it too much unless it falls drastically still.

  23. Do feel free to comment on how well Ventura runs on it, I am getting a similar spec 2015 MacBook Pro and wish to run Ventura on it

  24. A bit of context. I gave it to my sister for some reason. She “lost” it. I was looking for something and found it under the couch. Can’t believe it. The 2gb is too small though lol.

  25. It is possible to use a 2GB shuffle and have 500 songs. I convert mine to 128kbps AAC and it sounds decent

  26. I’ve had an S8 which was fitted to my wrist with the solo loop since late September 2022, and it certainly comfortable provided you keep your wrist and strap dry from sweat. The strap has noticeably stretched and discoloured (I have the midnight band) so the discolouration is mostly just it going smoother and it’s not too much of an issue. Other than that, it’s an awesome band but I would say go for something with a bit more adjustment. Oh and also these bands won’t fall off your wrist too easily

  27. Looks like Bedrock so might be safe to assume another Bugrock moment

  28. You appear to have another Mac so you may want to try a partially newer OS using the DosDude1 patcher, for the 2009 MacBook Pros I’d suggest High Sierra, Mojave at a push (it may run quite warm unless the fan curves are tweaked in MacsFanControl). You may want to try doing a full install with that disc if possible, or burn a new one (though I hear El Capitan has issues because of older OS servers being shut down or something). There is also a good chance the CD drive is faulty owing to dust (happened to my 2010 MacBook Pro 13”, a very simple replacement or just using a USB disc drive works too). You could also try plugging the MacBooks SSD into another Mac using a SATA to USB adapter and copy the OS on that Mac onto the SSD

  29. I don't want to install a newer OS than El Captain. I want to downgrade to Leopard/Snow Leopard for some reason. I tried an external superdrive and it showed up, but after a while the apple logo changed to 🚫 and nothing happens after that.

  30. That’s understandable, and maybe the discs don’t work for whatever reason. And I tried Big Sur on my 2010 and it wasn’t a great experience (mostly just small glitches and constant heat)

  31. Visually, they're pretty cool, everything else, just shit

  32. Agreed, my 2009 MacBook (the pre unibody one) keeps running rather hot, plus DDR2 isn’t an amazing RAM choice

  33. These unibody polycarbonate MacBooks are such a hot mess

  34. Could be GPU failure, these are known for that issue. Get a HDMI adapter to check before anything else. Maybe shine a torch through the Apple logo on the back to see if it’s backlight failure

  35. Knowing the issues with the bottom casing, I cannot blame you, but surely by now someone has created a better bottom panel to put on these MacBooks?

  36. If you think the 17" glossy is beast, wait until you've seen the Antiglare version!

  37. As a 2009 17” owner with the anti glare, it look’s glorious. The bezels remind me strongly of the MacBook Air 2015 I used to use, plus they are so thin compared to my 2010 13” I used to daily drive

  38. Go upstairs, take phone and iPod out of pocket, put bag down and groan about how heavy the bag is, piss (in the toilet obviously) back downstairs to fetch my brother from school (necessary side quest or else I get the angry parents quest)

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