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  1. Go to Lock Screen options in windows settings. Should be an option for on-screen keyboard.

  2. What’s an RMA? Also where do you request it? via phone?

  3. Double check in the Nvidia control panel to see if any of the I/O is connected to the dGPU. Even if it's connected to your iGPU like you said, you should still be running in hybrid mode.

  4. Only connected to iGPU and it affects the performance and I just don't see the point of having capable hardware without being able to take full advantage of it.

  5. Lots of laptops used to not have mux switches. But it's definitely strange to have no way to connect your dGPU to an external monitor.

  6. It should either have passive cooling or built in fans to keep it cool. Shouldn't need an external fan blowing on it.

  7. It has a fan inside, but it just overheats pretty easily. It even gets pretty hot just downloading something

  8. Since it's not passively cooled I doubt it will make much difference if at all.

  9. More expensive as well. Usually $50 just for a simple diagnosis. Then they'd have to source parts and charge an assload for labor.

  10. To be fair they don't get as much business as the manufacturer so they have to charge more to stay in business.

  11. There's also no guarantee that they'll do any better of a job or even have access to the parts needed.

  12. For example: there are no part numbers for the fans in my laptop because the heatsink and fans are a single assembly with one designated part number.

  13. If it's part of a larger assembly then they're only going to have a part number for the whole assembly and not necessarily the individual component you're looking for.

  14. It’s got 8 cores dude, that can get you a fuck tonne of excel scrolling lmao And as for the graphics card, anyone looking at gaming won’t be looking at this specific model

  15. 8 cores and 16 threads bruv. I have that in my E14 gen3

  16. With a cable from your graphic card's I/O. Hdmi or DP or DVI or VGA depending on your options.

  17. Even if the Nvidia card is better, it will be bottlenecked by the CPU. Do you know how much VRAM the AMD has?

  18. My understanding is that the Radeon isn't really a traditional GPU with VRAM, but rather, it's built into the processor, and thus, doesn't actually have VRAM. Is this true? Is this better/worse/same?

  19. Then it would be integrated with the CPU. If the Intel CPU had integrated graphics then you would have that for light duty projects and then the dedicated GPU for more heavy duty rendering.

  20. I'd try reinstalling the BIOS update and then doing a soft reset by holding the power button for approximately 30 seconds.

  21. Yes that's what their website says, but in my state there are certain consumer protection laws that may be applicable. They can say whatever they want but that doesn't matter if the law doesn't agree with it.

  22. Additionally I don't think you understand what a warranty is

  23. From Lenovo's support page: Lenovo warrants that each Lenovo hardware product that you purchase is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. The warranty period for the product starts on the original date of purchase as shown on your sales receipt or invoice or as may be otherwise specified by Lenovo. The warranty period and type of warranty service that apply to your product are as specified in “Part 3 - Warranty Service Information” below. This warranty only applies to products in the country or region of purchase.

  24. It's actually further back on the laptop than the heatsink. It's directly above the majority of the radiator fins though.

  25. Maybe give it a good blast with compressed air - but unplug and turn it off first!

  26. Thank you I found it because of your comment

  27. HDMI will support a maximum of 144Hz at 1440P. USB-C to Display Port is going to be your best bet for achieving higher refresh rates.

  28. It means it doesn't have a mux switch and therefore, yes, it will always be in hybrid mode.

  29. Thank your for reply. I don't understand the procedure you stated. Can you please walk me through the process?

  30. No. You create a recovery drive out of a 32GB thumb drive using Lenovos software for doing so or by calling Lenovo and asking them to send you "recovery media". Then when booting up you use the novo button to select the thumb drive to boot from. You'll end up with a fresh factory installation.

  31. Look at the motherboard diagram. It should have a clear bios pin bank

  32. Everything is stored in flash memory. Even removing the cmos battery will not reset your BIOS.

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