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  1. You are just taking this wayyyy to overboard. But hey, I wish you luck in finding the company that is perfect and checks your overly critical checkmark of what it takes to be successful.

  2. It seems your early in your journey. Buy a cheap hardware synth, produce in the box, then youā€™ll be able to make the decision for yourself.

  3. I've made all sorts of rock and disguistingly heavy metal in FL. Honestly nobody who's heard any of it has ever said, "it would have sounded better in Ableton/protools/reaper/cubase"

  4. Mainly audio nerds who don't make music will say some shit like Ableton is better for making music than FL. Don't listen to that nerd.

  5. Sounds like an awesome riser, Iā€™d record and use it

  6. Gg turning some reddit comment to a tight riser idea šŸ”„

  7. Thanks for this. I am definitely one of those people that often fall into the trap of wanting that new and shiny thing without fully understanding the actual impact it my have on my workflow. I'm pretty convinced now that I should look for plugins that will really elevate my production through other creative means over incremental upgrades that may or may not even make a difference to the naked ear.

  8. You got Logic stock plugins brah. Use them!

  9. It's not about the instrument, it's the person behind the instrument. I'll always remember that.

  10. I fuck with this idea! Your idea will be stolen for sure unfortunately.

  11. the problem is you need to start creating this now too if you serious.

  12. This shit looks fucking cold!!!! Damnnn!! šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ™ŒšŸ™Œ

  13. Then stfu if you come here just to say some bs. Pick a daw that you like and just go make music.

  14. Hell yeah šŸŽ¶ I don't see why not.

  15. Probably nerds hate you misspelling everything. I fuck with this, I make sounds and save them with weird ass names lol

  16. I've been thinking about learning how to use the clip launcher. I'm just gonna start using it for my next beats to see how I like it.

  17. You can use a vst or a different piano sound on your keyboard. These pianos are all sampled sounds so definitely could happen. I had one key on my fp30 that did the same thing.

  18. I've been happily surprised with many Bitwig Native Plugins, and the more I give them a chance, the more I end up uninstalling bloated, redundant 3rd party VSTs.

  19. For the bedroom producer yeah but professional plugins/gear make a huge difference with professionals who mix/master commercial records.

  20. Yep I have. I don't know why it happens. Just restart Bitwig and everything will show up again.

  21. This is not about you guys, it's a out how amazing she is as a toddler. She rocks

  22. Love my people's šŸ˜­šŸ”„šŸ˜­šŸ”„šŸ™Œ

  23. Omg this song is beautiful. Thank you for sharing and really nice touch and playing. Inspired me to learn it one day.

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