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  1. I'm dumb, can someone explain the benefits in giving these budget to these countries, especially Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal...those guys hate us. And thats alot of budget for Bhutan

  2. It is all to buy influence. And in the overall context these are not large amounts.

  3. Wish his bowling was as good as his trash-talk.

  4. And then the question remains. Why does he create comets (and etc.) at the first place.

  5. Jupiter can also nudge asteroids in the general direction of the sun. The Earth could, some day, get in the way..

  6. Whom shall we thank for the mildly entertaining, albeit dumb shenanigans of these people?

  7. Isn't a Batman in the NL supposed to use the bike anyway?

  8. I'd he's truly a batman, shouldn't he be flying around? The main specialty of bats is that they're flying mammals

  9. Batman doesn't really fly. He may glide occasionally, but doesn't fly.

  10. Omg.. The sheer barbarism and hate towards the Brahmins is unfathomable. No media will cover this, no government will act on it. I feel pretty helpless thinking about this man. The Brahmins might, in the long run, leave India. The Indian state won't support or nurture them.

  11. That cat looks like a total badass, with a title to match! Whoa!

  12. My opinion is that this is generic bs. I will take him seriously if he comes up with specific stuff which is objectionable and what must be done to improve it. Surely, a party which governed India for 60odd years can come up with specifics.

  13. By definition, a secular state must not fund any religious activity, and neither should it profit from them.

  14. Wow I’m excited to try the boiling water and vinegar trick, thanks for sharing!!

  15. I hope it goes well for you! Good day!

  16. And, as a “tip” words ending with “je” are always “het”. Americans I know told me that they usually use the Diminutive if they’re not sure about “het” or “de”. Het deurtje, het schooltje, het jongetje. Etc. Didn’t know that myself as native speaker.

  17. Jibber jabber.. God knows something..

  18. Ah! They wanna probe the short seller, not the guy who had shady related party deals, dubious share holding float and gets his financials signed off by a 24 year old kid! Wow.

  19. 'Anyway, I anticipate your forgiveness' . Smooth. I'm going to use that liberally.

  20. Let's address the larger question : why are missionary activities allowed in India at all? That is the root cause.

  21. Because it's a supposedly free country. In theory at least. So people can promote their religion, and bhakts can do thier bhakt thing. That is a principle worth protecting,or at least worth not giving up for some random moron . If the freakin Brits didn't manage to convert but a tiny % when ruling the place why do you think this dumbass will have any success?

  22. Vast swathes of the NE have been converted to Christianity. A lot of conversion happens in a deceptive fashion.

  23. Like the Brit system. Ground floor is BG level and so on.

  24. Miele. It's not even a contest really.

  25. Orgsnized religion is meant to turn humans into eusocial insects, with the so called God being the Queen bee.

  26. Pathetic pitch. The full house audience deserved better.

  27. The fake float, the unexplained related party non disclosures, and undisclosed offshore entities - are a symptom of a Fraud.

  28. Modi is not India. CIA is not USA. ISI is not Paxtan. Reliance is not India. ISRO is not India. What is India?

  29. Idiotic.. Who is going to read their silly 400 pager. With stock prices tanking 23% in 2 days, I was expecting a video detailing the arguments and answering the 88 questions - helping their investors restore confidence.

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